20 Instances Where Show Writers Showed Their Incredible Attention To Detail

Published 10 months ago

It’s true what they say about the devil being in the details. After all, one thing that really elevates a TV show or movie or even book is when all the little details match up.

Today we explore the extra time spent on such things through the r/TVDetails subreddit. As viewers or readers, we can appreciate the level of thought and effort that genius producers and writers expend in terms of energy to ensure the final output is a literal masterpiece. 

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#1 Chip & Dale Were Actually Dressed Like Indiana Jones And Magnum P.i

Image source: dwartbg1

#2 Arthur And Buster Are Such Good Friends That They Each Have Slippers Of The Other!

Image source: dontthrowmeinabox

#3 [batman]’s Famous Dutch Tilt Angle Was Only Ever Used In Villains’ Lairs, As A Visual Cue That They Were “Crooked”

Image source: zeromig

#4 In The Stranger Things Episode ‘Chapter Three: The Pollywog’ (S2e3), If You Look Closely At Mr. Clarke’s Town Model, You Can See The Betelgeuse Tombstone From Beetlejuice (1988)

Image source: VictorBlimpmuscle

A Nice Little Nod To Series Star Winona Ryder, Who Had Her First Breakout Role As Lydia Deetz In That Film

#5 In The Last Season Of Modern Family, Claire Asks Gloria If She’s Hiding A Pregnancy Behind The Laundry Basket

Image source: OthmanT

It’s A Reference To The Pilot Episode Where Julie Bowen (Claire) Had To Be Behind Several Object When In Front Of The Camera To Hide The Fact That She Was 8 1/2 Month Pregnant At The Time

#6 In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dr. Mae Jemison Plays The First Astronaut To Appear In The Show. She Is Also The First Black Woman To Go To Space

Image source: k0ella

#7 [frasier] Chair Goes In, Chair Goes Out. 11 Years Later. Same Actor, Same Shirt

Image source: thenewyorkgod

#8 In The Big Bang Theory Finale Penny Is Wearing The Same Shirt She Wore In The Pilot Episode

Image source: originalmonchi

#9 In The 1990’s Version Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Her Biology Teacher Was Mr. Poole. His Full Name Is Eugene Poole, But He Goes By Gene. That Means Her Biology Teacher Was Gene Poole

Image source: hailey_q

#10 In Friends S08e17 The One With The Tea Leaves, Ross’ T-Shirt Has An Image On It Which Means “Friends” In Sign Language

Image source: RideHomeJet

#11 In Pinky And The Brain S3e13, Brain Exerted Mind Control Over The Audience!

Image source: Dlatrex

While singing a song about taking over the world through subliminal messaging, The Brain slips these two frames in for a freeze-frame bonus.

#12 In The Simpsons, Season 25, Episode 6, Maggie Is Seen Playing With ‘Play-Annoyed Grunt’. Annoyed Grunt Is The How Homer’s Catch-Phrase, D’oh, Is Represented In The Show’s Scripts

Image source: szekeres81

#13 In The Spongebob Squarepants Halloween Special, Sandy Dresses Up As A Pet Goldfish In A Bowl And Squidward “Doesn’t Get It” Because He’s Unaware Of What Life Is Like Beyond The Sea

Image source: MILFHunter2001

#14 In The 1st Episode Of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Will Asks Geoffrey Not To Use The Master Title. Geoffrey Says It’s Necessary For A Butler

Image source: toksic316

Throughout The Entire Series He Uses The Master Title. It’s Not Until The Final Episode, After He Is Relieved Of His Duty, That Geoffrey Says “Goodbye..Will.”

#15 In Got, Daenerys Gets More Braids In Her Hair As She Wins More Victories – Following The Dothraki Tradition And Proving Her Valour As A Khaleesi

Image source: MildlyAlcoholic

#16 In The Handmaid’s Tale, The Stop Signs Have A Hand Signal Instead Of The Word “Stop” Because The Women Are Not Permitted To Read

Image source: ADocksideBar

#17 In S7e10 Of Futurama, The Professor Returns To His Childhood Home Where He Has “Transformers” Bedsheets

Image source: fred1840

#18 In S9:e4 Of The Office “Work Bus” Kevin Can Suddenly Do The Math To Figure Out The Time To The Pie Shop Based On Distance And Speed

Image source: rbrink13

When Oscar Quizzes Him With A Division Problem (But Phrases It In Pies), The Answer Is 314

#19 In The Scrubs Episode “His Story Iv”, The Janitor Makes This Joke, Over Four Years Before Bin Laden Was Discovered In Pakistan

Image source: genericstudent1

#20 Daily Reminder That When The Makers Of Amazing World Of Gumball Found Out A Chinese Company Started Making A Rip Off Version, They Just Made An Entire Episode Roasting Them Called “The Copy Cats”

Image source: Gun-nut0508

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