20 Unrealistic Things About Women That Almost All Movies Love To Show

Published 4 years ago

We don’t always expect movies to be realistic – you know, like when they show an alien invasion or a car exploding after hitting a wall going 20 miles an hour. However, there are times when they’re unrealistic for seemingly no reason – especially when it comes to depicting women.

People are pointing out all the unrealistic things that almost all movies love to show about women, and you’ll quickly realize how ridiculous some of them are. From staying in their heels even during disasters to having perfectly plucked eyebrows after spending weeks away from civilization, check out all the instances where women are being unrealistically depicted in movies in the gallery below!

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Live in huge, beautiful apartments when they work as underpaid journalists or small-shop owners.


“How ‘fat’ women, aren’t fat. Bridget Jones? Not fat. Natalie from Love Actually? Not fat.”


“Biggest cliché is that the vast majority of women sleep in their underwear and a tiny little top. Reality is we sleep in oversized T-shirts and that pair of leggings that have one too many rips/food stains on to wear in public.”


“In films that take place in a post-apocalyptic setting, women somehow still have shaven armpits/legs, perfectly plucked eyebrows, clear skin and sometimes still wear make up! Even if they had the time/supplies to shave/apply makeup, I’m pretty sure they won’t care about all that if they’re fearing for their lives.”


Image source: TheSpaceMan1985

The geeky girls in high school movies who are supposed to be ugly are still really good looking.


“25-year-old actresses are cast as high schoolers, while 35-year-old actresses are cast as mothers of high schoolers.”


Image source: samtravis

I hate when the “ugly” person gets a 15-minute makeover and is suddenly the best looking person in the film. As a genuinely hideous person it makes me furious because there’s probably someone out there who legit thinks that if I just got a makeover my face suddenly wouldn’t look like a bouquet of elbows.


“Women in movies are always ‘cool’ because they’re “not like other girls.” This is established by showing them eating chicken wings, enjoying sports, or playing video games. They do all these things in full faces of makeup wearing designer clothes.”


“For the love of god, put in a teenager with acne or braces or something into a film set in a high school. Teenagers are always depicted with, clear skin and fully developed. NOBODY looked like that in high school!”


“Start having an orgasm two seconds into sex. No foreplay needed, apparently don’t need to discuss if they needed a condom/if she’s on the pill, has perfectly matching underwear on for the occasion which is so nice she feels the need to keep the bra on and OF COURSE doesn’t need to pee afterwards. They just snuggle and fall asleep in each other’s arms without any need to clean up or worry about UTIs. Soooo realistic!”


“Friends existing to talk about your guy troubles with. Sure, my girlfriends and I talk about guys, but we also talk about philosophy and what we’re reading and things we’ve discovered about ourselves lately and our latest workout routine and whether God exists and our cats and Harry Potter…for women in our thirties there’s a lot of Harry Potter.”


“Every time they show a woman taking a shower by herself, she’s always caressing her hair/body in a way no normal human being would when simply taking a shower. Also, she’s usually clearly wearing eye liner and false lashes, at the very least…in the damn shower.”


“The way women have to always dress ‘feminine’ even in disaster situations! Like Jurassic World – they have their main female character running away from DINOSAURS in high heels…freaking t-rexs and velociraptors and running through the jungle…but no let’s make sure she stays in her skirt and heels (and her makeup will be messy but still pretty), so stupid.”


“Working out without putting their hair up – the worst offender is She’s the Man, that final scene where Amanda Bynes plays the whole second half with her hair just whipping in her face drive me nuts. Someone would have given that girl a hair tie.”


All women wanting babies, and those who say they don’t end up changing their minds and having them anyway


“What REALLY pisses me off is women always having perfect makeup and hair in catastrophe movies. For example, in Bird Box, the world has ‘ended’ four years ago and Malorie still has perfect eyelash extensions. How???”


Wearing matching lingerie constantly.


“I really hate how women always seem to be really skinny (and it’s not the women’s fault at all, I don’t want to shame them for being skinny) but I would like to see a woman who wasn’t necessarily plus-size (though we need more leads who are) but weighs 160 pounds rather than 120.”


Any time that women vomit in movies, it’s an indication of pregnancy.


Shop or get a manicure as a way to resolve their problems.

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