40 Photos Of The Most Odd Yet Wholesome Neighbours

Published 3 weeks ago

Living next door to unusual neighbours can be a mix of joy and entertainment, turning ordinary days into wonderful experiences. From quirky lawn decor to hilariously handwritten notes, these neighbours have a knack for uplifting the community’s spirits. 

We’ve gathered a wholesome collection of photos that showcase the joy and laughter these wonderful people bring to their neighbourhoods. These snapshots are evidence of the simple yet profound impact that a cheerful neighbour can have, spreading happiness and creating cherished memories for everyone around them.

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#1 Tree Fell Down In My Street, My Neighbor Decided To Create This Masterpiece

Image source: Jstahz

Brenda: Now, THAT’S impressive!

#2 My Neighbor Just Completed His Batmobile After 9 Years Of Work

Image source: Hugodugio

#3 My Neighbors Built Their New Fence Around The Trees On Their Property

Image source: DeHumbugger

ToastedFroggy: Much better than chopping them down.

#4 My Neighbor Has His Fence Painted Like A Piano

Image source: ohgodthatwasdumb

SCP 4666 (edited): And no HOA in sight telling him he has to repaint because [insert some stupid reason]

#5 My Neighbors Sure Do Know How To Make Their Eggs Sound Appealing

Image source: MaMaJillianLeanna

Brenda: ROTFLMAO 😄 Brilliant!

#6 So My Neighbor Built This In His Back Yard

Image source: reddit.com

Brenda: Ice skating rink! One year, my mom hosed down our little backyard so we (and neighborhood kids) could skate as the lakes weren’t freezing

#7 When Your Neighbor Dresses Like An Unsupervised Toddler To Blow Snow

Image source: sabertoothbeaver1

james stevenson: There is always that ONE person who will wear shorts no matter what.

#8 My Neighbor’s Driveway Is Lined With Dog Statues

Image source: Brentknows

PandaJon: Barking lot

#9 My Neighbor Put On A Drive-In Movie For Kids

Image source: Viper640

Libstak: That’s next level awesome, especially if it’s open to the neighbourhood kids too.

#10 My Neighbor’s Tree Split In A Storm. He Taped It Back Together Again

Image source: Grey_Gryphon

Winnie the Moo: Good, then it can heal itself!

#11 My Neighbor Got A Giant Bandage To “Fix” A Dent On Their Car

Image source: daziesandconfuzed

#12 My Neighbor Trimmed Their Tree In A Way That The Sidewalk Can Still Be Used

Image source: vanko987

#13 My Neighbor Just Stopped By. He Said He Was Taking His Mother-In-Law For A Ride

Image source: rustede30

#14 My Neighbors’ Mailbox Is A Tiny Model Of Their House

Image source: mytornadoisresting

Ali H M Salehuddin: But.. that tiny house is missing a tiny mailbox

#15 This False Entrance On My Neighbor’s Home

Image source: SpinyMilkvetch

flower petals: “Well of course I’d love to hear all about the useless gadget you’re selling, please come in! Right this way..”

#16 My Neighbor Is Vacuuming His Grass

Image source: mideonequalsratings

Bart: This picture could have been me… I broke a car trunk window last fall and thought the easiest to get the 1000 small pieces out of the grass was to vacuum them out. Worked like a charm.

#17 Interesting Snow Suit

Image source: WeThePeopleCLE

#18 The Cat Burglar Has Struck Again

Image source: Brunson21

#19 My Neighbor’s Unique Fence

Image source: bkulaga99

SedonaIn Slovakia, lovely.

#20 Neighbor Painted This On Their Fence

Image source: k_wick

ElfVibratorGlitter: Propane and propane accessories

#21 One Of The Neighbors Built A Mini Skate Park For His Kid

Image source: sloshncrunch

#22 Walked Past One Of The Neighbors’ Houses. I’m Not 100% Sure What Happened Here, New Neighbors? Squatter? Invasion?

Image source: Exemplar1968

Kerry Borthwick: Exterminate!!!!! No need for emotions exterminate!!!!!

#23 My Neighbor Built This Treehouse

Image source: NewsGif

ZuriLovesYou: Fairy house!

#24 My Neighbor Got His Reindeer Decorations Stolen, So They Put Out Grinch Ones Instead

Image source: PrincessAlterEgo

ZGutr: It might be illegal, but he’ll get 10 point from me for putting up the posters

#25 My Neighbor Made These Skull Adirondack Chairs And A Matching Table

Image source: Fernwhatnow

#26 Neighbors Decorated The Sidewalk As Well As Had A Guestbook For Their Dog’s Birthday

Image source: meesh66

#27 My Neighbor Couldn’t Make It To The Store For Bunny Decorations, So They Decided To Use What They Had Available

Image source: Yodajrp

ToastedFroggy: Bunmingos…flummies??🤣😂

#28 My Neighbor Screened In His Garage For A Secondary Living Room

Image source: SoDakZak

Winnie the Moo: That’s not a living room, that’s a mancave

#29 My Neighbor Has A DeLorean Tricked Out To Look Like It’s From Back To The Future

Image source: jeannetteagarcia

Brenda (edited): I approve! Does the Flux capacitor work?

#30 An Inflatable Life-Size Whale Outside My Neighbor’s House

Image source: BooBerries2

Katie Lutesinger: The Improbability Drive strikes again! I wonder where the bowl of petunias landed?

#31 My Neighbors Have A 12 Ft Tall Robot With A Hand Full Of Flowers

Image source: AdmiralArchie

Me.: Isn’t that the one from Ghibli’s ‘Castle in the air’?

#32 I Think My Neighbor Hopped To His Car This Morning

Image source: Tra_La-La

Mimi La Souris: or he did the strange bride walk

#33 The View From My Desk. My 65-Year-Old Neighbor, Who Can’t Sit Still, Is Making A Snow Fort. No Children In Sight

Image source: megnmoran

Laugh or not: Why would you need children to enjoy the snow?

#34 Outstanding… In Its Field

Image source: brianmcconnell7

Sue Denham: Or maybe Bertie the bull just stood still for too long on a really cold night.

#35 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decorations For This Year

Image source: mobilesuit_Builder

Shark Lady: That’s dedication. It must have taken ages to put together.

#36 My Neighbor Texted Me These Pictures She Took Of Me Taking Out The Trash In A Dinosaur Costume

Image source: gwoman9810

#37 Maybe It Will Fade With Time. Like In A 100 Years

Image source: melnickjeffrey1

Robert Trebor: Good neighborhood. Obviously no HOA

#38 Really Even Squares Left In My Neighbor’s Lawn

Image source: Getkong

Bart: Skilled…

#39 My Neighbor Recreates Cars From Old Movies

Image source: twentyonerooms

james stevenson: HELL YEAH!!! Now for the ECTO-1!!!!

#40 Neighbor Left Up Their Bat After Halloween And Added A Little Christmas Flair

Image source: poison_ivey

Virgin Panda: Bat Claus

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