40 Wholesome Neighbours That Are A Pleasure To Live Next To

Published 8 months ago

In a world where we are surrounded by annoying or bad neighbours, it’s a refreshing change to come across one that’s wholesome and good. 

These amazing humans find a way to brighten one’s day in surprising ways and it’s an absolute delight to see such positivity being spread. Scroll below for a selection of pics appreciating such interactions with folk who know how to make one feel welcomed and loved in a rare display of heartwarming goodness. 

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#1 Whoever You Are, You Made Our Day

Image source: KaraAndrewsShall

WindySwede: Knocks on door “could I have some funding to develop my silly walk?”

#2 Met The Bees

Image source: egeofanatolia

reemerger: Bee meeting is a seriously underrated experience

#3 Bad Habit Cat

Image source: louisxxx

#4 I Had To Warn The Neighbors About My Cat

Image source: bL1Nd

#5 Somebody In My Neighborhood Did This To Their Tree

Image source: reddit.com

reemerger: Awesomosa!

#6 Our 80-Year-Old Friend Is Visiting. Our 75-Year-Old Neighbor Came Over And Now They’re Planking

Image source: Loose__seal__2

Louise ClarkeImpressive

#7 Car Drove Through A Brick Fence, Neighbor Put This Out

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Neighbor Is Letting The Neighborhood Weigh In On Their House Color

Image source: ChazMcGreedly

#9 I Adopted The Neighborhood Stray Cat. My Neighbor’s Cat Got Her Pregnant. Woke Up To This

Image source: chasingadalia

SD: Now that’s a responsible parent!

#10 Just Transferred To A New Apartment With Some Interesting Neighbors

Image source: Scrullo

lenkaGet a Flash or Green Lantern door mat and you will have friends for life.

#11 When Your Neighbors Have The Right Idea

Image source: yreland

#12 My Neighbor’s Dragon Mailbox

Image source: Sukanthabuffet

#13 My Neighbors’ Mailbox

Image source: Dane-0

Swastik34: Impressive this mailbox is.

#14 My Neighbor Is 3 Kids In A Trench Coat

Image source: Beatreporting

Doctor StrangeInspector Gadget? Is that you?

#15 My Neighbor Put 1000+ Plastic Dinosaurs In His Front Yard

Image source: carljohanr

Earthquake903: As one does

#16 Either Someone Stole The “J” Or My Jewish Neighbors Have A Sense Of Humor

Image source: ramos1969

#17 We Got 10 Inches Of Snow Over The Weekend And This Lovely Neighbor Helped To Clear The Sidewalks

Image source: shmargument

WindySwedeThose are rare!

#18 Left This In My Neighbor’s Garden To Cheer Them Up

Image source: RudyWillingham

#19 Neighbors Went To See “It”. It Will Be Dark When They See This

Image source: mynameizbrian

#20 My Neighborhood’s Nextdoor Is Something Else

Image source: cori-iyupa

WindySwede: Nice try covering up your activities….. 😏

#21 Been Watching My Neighbor’s War With A Woodpecker For The Past Year

Image source: I_know_left

Sergy Yeltsen: I think I laughed more than I should have at this.

#22 Told My Neighbor I Don’t Like Snowmen And Walked Out To This At 5 AM For Work

Image source: baresketcher

#23 My Girlfriend’s Neighbor Showing Her Dog The World

Image source: basscat27

#24 It’s My Neighbor’s First Day Of Retirement. He Set Up A Nerf Gun Turret In His Garage, Waiting For Neighbors To Walk By. He Looked So Proud

Image source: sweetbambidoll

#25 I Haven’t Met My New Neighbor Yet, But Her Dogs Love Me

Image source: ontpinry

WindySwede: Treat?!!!

#26 My Neighbor Cut Holes In His Gate So His Dog Could See Out

Image source: AhhHue

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/hetBoop the snoot.

#27 My Husband Is In The Process Of Redoing Our Lawn. I Didn’t Want Our Neighbors To Think We Were Neglectful Homeowners, So I Made A Sign

Image source: csidlauskas

Sergy Yeltsen: Love it. Great thinking, well executed.

#28 The Bin Collectors Accidentally Destroyed My Bin. Mildly Infuriating, But My Neighbor Managed To Deliver The Bad News In A Comedic Fashion

Image source: ChewyLewy97

#29 Demolishing The House Next Door, Couldn’t Resist

Image source: VotemanXB1

Francois: I said “I’ll be back”

#30 My Neighbors Use Of Their Halloween Decorations During Summer

Image source: timmy6169

#31 Neighbors At Our Beach House Made A Whale-Shaped Bush, Blowhole And All

Image source: Jaimass

#32 My Neighbor’s Front Door For Thanksgiving

Image source: eeviltwin

WindySwede: Instructions unclear, leaves at 5 am.

#33 My Friend’s Office Has Been In A Post-It War With The Neighbors. Yesterday The Neighbors Won

Image source: FUNKYDISCO

Antonia: That’s a LOT of post it’s.

#34 Neighbors Decided To Put A Fort Up Around Their House

Image source: Raishiwi

#35 I’m On Vacation For A Week And Asked My Neighbor To Go Check On Our Cat. He Checked On More Than That

Image source: buckeyespud

UnimportantDog/Imp (she/they)Your neighbor is awesome

#36 My Neighbor Put This Above His Doorbell

Image source: yarectln

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): On one of our forklifts at work, the horn button broke so until the Toyota mechanic could fix it I zip tied a bike horn to the roll cage. Our warehouseman loved it.

#37 This Sign Recently Appeared In My Neighborhood

Image source: RiggsFTW

Lulu JohnThen keep them inside 😞

#38 Neighbors Made A Snowman For The Neighborhood To Enjoy

Image source: Lutya

Sergy Yeltsen: I love their sense of humour. I wish my neighbours were like that.

#39 When The Neighbor Is Relaxing In Her Garden With Her Cat, Wearing A Hotdog Costume

Image source: reddit.com

WindySwede: And you photograph her and put on Internet??

#40 During The Recent Lockdown, One Of Our Neighbors Has Kept His Sense Of Humor

Image source: donmcg12

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