20 Times Teenagers Discovered Old Music Bands And Were Surprised That Adults Around Them Knew About Them

Published 2 years ago

Everyone loves music regardless of their age, size, gender, etc. Often, one’s taste in music depends on which generation they were born in. Still, sometimes people accidentally discover the music of other generations and it immediately strikes a chord with them.

Nowadays, commercialization in the music industry has led to a loss of genuine artistic value. However, “good old” music is also available online for everyone to listen to. And sometimes, when people from the young generation stumble upon old masterpieces, they get surprised. Some teenagers even think that it’s cool to discover cool old music bands

In this popular Twitter thread, some adults have revealed how their kids excitedly told them about a cool band they found, only to realize that their parents were also fans too. Scroll below to read about some of those epic interactions.

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