20 Teachers Who Got Called Out By Parents And Students For Being Toxic

Published 2 years ago

Teachers play a vital role in shaping a child’s personality and growth, thus they have a responsibility of maintaining some integrity and being kind to their pupils. If they display toxic behavior, it impacts a child’s confidence and self-esteem in the worst ways.

Today, we have gathered some posts where some students and parents called out teachers for being mean, annoying, and toxic. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 Bored Teachers Regarding Students 7 Years Later

Image source: SamuelBrownRBT

#2 Teacher Taking A Child’s Hearing Aid As Punishment “Cause She Wasn’t Listening Anyway”

Image source: raniawrites

#3 Student’s Mom Had Cancer, And When She Missed School, Teacher Told Her That School Is More Important Than Home

Image source: that_incel

#4 Yikes

Image source: JoyAng

#5 Teachers Need To Understand Students Don’t Always Sleep In Class Just Because Of Laziness

Image source: Phantom_Wolf52

#6 That’s Messed Up

Image source: bossassrn

#7 My Loom Before And After The Art Teacher “Helped” Me

Image source: kngsgmbt

#8 The Teacher Needs To Go Back To Primary School

Image source: SomeoneTookMyUsernameToo

#9 She Was Six. Why Would She Be Lying About That?

Image source: library_fae

#10 Toxicity At Its Best

Image source: peachpossoms

#11 The Teacher Knew What She Was Doing

Image source: purplechrain

#12 What A “Great” Teacher

Image source: isjomama

#13 He Was The Creepy Wood Shop Teacher

Image source: twitter.com

#14 This Tutor

Image source: VintageTupperware

#15 Teacher Said We Need To Get 90% Or More On The Quiz, Only Made 9 Questions

Image source: MrBigRig_29

#16 Apparently, You Can’t Be A Cheerleader And Be Smart

Image source: DrPsyBuffy

#17 Crazy Professor

Image source: ShoshanaKessock

#18 And She’s The Professor

Image source: dropkickerics

#19 Why Would You Do That?

Image source: Denuma8

#20 My Professor Is A Terrible Human Being

Image source: anadelrey__

#21 My Teacher Lost My Final That Took A Week To Do And Gave Me A Zero, Claiming I Never Turned It In

Image source: Restricted_Nuggies

#22 It’s The Last Day Of Our Summer Vacations Today. The School Reopens From Tomorrow. She’s Telling Me To Be In School 10 Minutes Before The Time Given

Image source: Addy_Stark

#23 Teacher’s Logic In Grading Math

Image source: Cloakenn

#24 My 6 Year Old Son’s Teacher Marks All Of His Answers With A “1” Wrong Because Of His Unique Way Of Writing It

Image source: jarociro

#25 Why Do Teachers Do This?

Image source: nonbinarystarz

#26 To Be A Teacher With The Desire To Disadvantage Students Strategically

Image source: JamesWedsel

#27 High School Biology Teacher Posts Non-Consensual Butt Shots Of Her Underage Students On Instagram For Her Thirsty Followers

Image source: _Ginger_

#28 When You Need A 90% Or Above To Pass The Class But Your Teacher Is A Jerk

Image source: YesPrecisely

#29 Teacher Making You Feel Bad For Using The Bathroom

Image source: Flarebomb

#30 Asked My Professor For A Few Days Extension

Image source: saigedara

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