This Lumberjack Cake Has An Edible Axe – And A Secret Inside

Published 8 years ago

There’s no scientific consensus on whether the common lumberjack eats cake, but we can make a cake celebrating those noble tree-felling men. Elizabeth Marek has made a tree-stump cake with an edible axe… and plaid-patterned insides. The only thing it lacks is a beard, and we can all agree that beards have no place in the culinary arts.

“When hubs chopped down that Christmas tree all lumberjack like, my obsession with plaid became clear,” Marek writes on her website. “I’m in love with lumberjacks. It makes sense. I love trees. I love beards. I love plaid. This lumberjack cake is a culmination of almost all my obsessions. If I could have worked in a mermaid I would have.” If you want to know how to make this cake, you’ll have to sign up on her Sugar Geek Show website or become one of her patrons on Patreon.

More info: | | patreon | facebook (h/t: laughingsquid)

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See Elizabeth Marek cut into the lumberjack cake!

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