Animator Bakes A Spinning Animation Cake

Published 9 years ago

Cakes and animation now go together as French animator Alexandre Dubosc makes Melting POP! This delicious looking chocolate cake is actually a tasty incarnation of phonotrope, a modern incarnation of zoetrope.

This pre-animation method used a cylinder with vertical slits on the sides and a succession of images on the inside of the cylinder. It was spun to create the illusion of create motion. Phonotrope actually works to make the illusion happen for the camera, and that’s how you see corn kernels pop from chocolate fire.

Alexandre Dubosc studied in Supinfocom and holds a Master in European Art. He produces both moving and still art. He calls “Melting POP” “a chocolate mixture of my vision of POP.” A fitting name, considering both the popping kernels and Pac Man appearance.

More info: | facebook | twitter | flickr (h/t: colossal)

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