35 Pics That Capture The Heartfelt Moments Of Adorable Pets In Their Adopted Homes

Published 3 weeks ago

Every creature deserves a place to call home, and everyone deserves the joy of having a faithful furry friend by their side. In the United States alone, a whopping 66% of households have a pet. Not only does having a pet bring companionship, but it can also improve your health. Pet owners tend to be more active, enjoy the outdoors, and engage in social activities.

And what could be a better testament to the value of adopting a rescue pet than seeing how well their fellow formerly homeless companions are thriving in their forever homes? It’s that time again to share heartwarming photos of recently adopted pets settling into their new lives.

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#1 Adopted A Cat Today (Always Been Scared Of Cats) And I’m Absolutely In Love

Image source: Colster9631

Miss Tinker: Good on you for overcoming your fear. You’re in for a wonderful ride 😉❤️

#2 What Did I Actually Adopt?

Image source: -Zoppo

Jerome Lenovo: a black cat, the best kind of cat

#3 Gustav And Theodore

Image source: spicykimchisoup

#4 Adopted A 14 Year Old Cutie!

Image source: Winter-Abrocoma-18

#5 I Guess The Kitten Can Stay??

Image source: False_Ad_4117

#6 Meet Franny!

Image source: trash_artist_

#7 Help Me Name My Tabby Boy! Just Recently Adopted Him From The Animal Shelter And I’m Having A Hard Time Finding A Suiting Name For Him

Image source: SuccessfulPen4908

#8 I Think Our Cat Was Meant To Be With Us

Image source: throwraeww

#9 Please Meet Ashford, The Silliest Guy In Town

Image source: Terpenteen

#10 I Got Lucky. A Female Orange Tabby. Meet Legend!

Image source: Bigbambuzzle

#11 Saw Her On Petfinder

Image source: FranBeez

#12 So Proud Of My Rescue Gal

Image source: therainabaina

#13 I Adopted My First-Ever Pet Three Weeks Ago. He Sleeps Like A Baby Kangaroo

Image source: Belyea

#14 My Rescue Dog Hershey

Image source: Far-Parking4920

#15 Having Adopted Them Was The Best Decision ?

Image source: GoddessLeilaa

#16 I Adopted A Great Dog That Was On Death Row

Image source: InmateNotSure

Pittsburgh rare: Pitts are the most loyal dogs. That’s why they can be dangerous in the wrong hands, because they won’t question their human. Lovely animals with an undeserved bad rep

#17 June Lost Her Owner Of 10 Years, And Now She’s My Baby

Image source: TheBisexualJaguar

#18 Meet Dobby!

Image source: ChocolateKitchen2625

#19 Adopted This Guy Today, The Sweetest Cat I’ve Ever Met

Image source: Efficient-Fee-5631

#20 Today Is Hazel’s Second Gotcha Day!!

Image source: rdw0015

#21 Reesecup Has Chosen Her New Bed

Image source: soopastar

#22 Our New Adopted Six-Year Old Freeloader. This Is Princess, And She Loves Everyone

Image source: amhildreth

#23 Adopted This Little Lady A Couple Days Ago

Image source: sma94

#24 We Adopted A 10 Month Old Berner!

Image source: WeirdAnimalDoc

Pamelot: This handsome breed KNOWS they are awesome in every way. You WILL encounter extreme happiness with this big bundle of joy! 😁👍

#25 This Is Bebel, My Newly Adopted Void (Also My First Cat)

Image source: Drikazord

#26 This Sweet Boy Is Settling Into His Forever Home

Image source: hujassman

#27 Adopted Husky!

Image source: sarbear1995

#28 So We Just Adopted These Two Brothers! We’ve Named One Prawn Cocktail (The One With The Heart Marking) And We’re Stuck On A Name For The Other One Please Help!we Like Silly Names, Our Other Cats Have Been Captain Sir Pantaloon, Chicken Caesar Salad, Paint Thinner, Dishwasher And Microwave

Image source: livlaffloves

#29 Saw A Post About How Hard It Is For Blacks Cats To Get Adopted. We Are One Week In And I Couldn’t Be Happier. Hope Judge Feels The Same

Image source: WineSoda

Angela B: Appears to be living up to the name as well!

#30 Rescued A Pregnant Cat!!

Image source: MGh737

#31 We Thought We Were Adopting A Dog; Instead, He Looks Like A Goat Monkey

Image source: Squirtycheese

#32 My Newest Kitty, I Adopted Her Off The Street And She’s The Most Lovey Cat I’ve Had!

Image source: cinnagutzz

#33 Dogs Always Look So Happy After Adoption

Image source: Coca_Bola

#34 Meet Thor, My New 7.5 Yr Old Best Friend

Image source: Dry-Concentrate4291

#35 Hello! I Just Adopted These Siblings And I Cannot Settle On A Name. They’re Boy And Girl ? I Prefer Disney Names As My Dogs Name Is Meeko!

Image source: Apart_Analyst1327

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