Woman Finds An Uruk-Hai Sword In An Antique Shop And Shows How Useful It Is In Her Daily Life

Published 5 years ago

If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, we probably don’t need to tell you what an Uruk-hai is. But just in case you’re not familiar with this J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpiece, Uruk-hai are a breed of vicious and relentless Orcs, known for their creepy appearance and crude weaponry. A while ago, one fan, going as zohbugg on Tumblr, found an Uruk-hai scimitar in an antique shop and instantly knew she had to have it. Surprisingly, the sword turned out to be more than just a decoration as the woman found many practical uses for it in her daily life.

Check out all of the hilarious uses zohbugg found for the sword in the gallery below!

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“I drove to Iowa to visit my friend. I found an Uruk-Hai scimitar in a local antique shop. I bought it. Without hesitation. I don’t know if I have enough for gas to drive home. Worth it”

“Well let me tell you, it was quite the pragmatic purchase. It has endless uses in my morning routine”

“Such as making the bed”

“Making toast”

“Getting things off high shelves”

“Making coffee”

“Reaching the remote when it’s too far away”

“And assisting me when I ran out of toilet paper”

“I don’t know how I survived life without it”

“We hang up lights”

“Decorate the tree”

“Wrap presents”

“And enjoy hot cocoa by a roaring fire”

“My roommates came home early”

“We’ll meet you at the altar”

“He hangs proudly on my wall near my bed in case of intruders”

Who says giant metal Orc scimitars are not practical? It certainly looks more useful than many of the utensils all of us have lying around in our kitchens!


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