25 Random Trivia Bits That’ll Occupy Brain Space Without Any Purpose

Published 2 months ago

In the vast realm of the internet, there exists a treasure trove of information, ranging from the profoundly insightful to the downright trivial.

One such intriguing exploration took place when a curious Redditor posed a question to the online community, asking them to share the most useless pieces of information they knew. What ensued was a flood of fascinating and often quirky responses that shed light on the delightful world of random facts. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: pitpulkrew, Adriaan Greyling

You have to stick your finger inside an alligator to find out its gender.


Image source: Sea0wl, Diana Silaraja

Sometimes pandas are too lazy to have [intercourse]. And in order to reproduce them, there is a special person who infuses the female with ejaculate.


Image source: The_Living_Theater, Alisa Anton

The difference between a nook and a cranny is that a nook is a corner and a cranny is like an narrow opening.


Image source: MerryMelody-Symphony, Volker Kaes

Otters hold paws while sleeping so they don’t drift away, and can form some pretty impressive structures called “rafts” when they’re in a large group.


Image source: manafahayp, Arnie Chou

If the Sun was the size of a white blood cell swimming through your veins, the Milky Way would be the size of the continental United States. (Really puts into perspective just how small we are.).


Image source: thrumplewart, Pixabay

A jiffy is an actual unit of time. It’s 1/100th of a second.


Image source: Small_Homework3971, Egor Kamelev

Ants can’t take fall damage because their terminal velocity isn’t fast enough to break their exoskeleton.


Image source: -MarilynMonroe-, Apple TV

Velociraptors were about the size of a turkey.


Image source: The_Ora_Charmander, Arun Ghimire

Where do I start?

Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag isn’t a rectangle

Raptors will sometimes take tortoises to the top of a cliff and drop them from midair, breaking their shell

Earth was uninhabitable for the first few hundred million years of its existence, but life emerged more or less immediately once Earth became inhabitable

You may have heard that the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s (no matter how fast you’re going), but that’s actually precisely how much it is, we define a meter to be such that the speed of light is that number, no decimal point

Cleopatra lived between 69-30 BCE and the pyramids were built around 2780 BCE, meaning she lived closer to today than to the building of the pyramids.


Image source: airlewe, Ambitious Studio* – Rick Barrett

The a**s is the first part of the body to open up. We develop a**s-first.


Image source: PM_ME_YOUR_SIDEB**BZ, Joel Muniz

The wax/metal tips at the end of shoelaces are called aglets.


Image source: Appropriate-Meet1379, Pixabay

I’m an expert with binary. Also- Honey is the only natural food that is made without destroying any kind of life. What about milk you say? A cow has to eat grass to produce milk and grass is living.


Image source: GussDeBlod, Annie Spratt

As a child of the 80’s (born 1983), I still remember my mother and my grandmother’s landline phone number.
My mom moved at least twice since then and don’t even use a landline anymore.
My grandmother died like 10 years ago.


Image source: SixicusTheSixth, Lucas George Wendt

The spikes at the end of a stegosaurus tail is named after a character from the Far Side cartoon.


Image source: AffectionateGap1071, cottonbro studio

Morphologies of onomatopeias are written differently according to the language and I appreciate how to say “meow” in different languages.


Image source: BloodSteyn, Franco Antonio Giovanella

Some people have voluntary control of their Tensor Tympani muscle in their inner ear. They can make a rumbling noise in their ears at will by tensing it.

Hand when there is loud noise around to kinda reduce it as you walk past.


Image source: tributarygoldman, Andreas L

Fish don’t fart.

They continuously secrete waste gasses through their skin.


In 16th century Italy duels often took place where the chosen weapon was very hard maths questions.

Image source: Panorpa


Image source: roguerose, Matthew Bornhorst

Ohio is the only state in the US that doesn’t share a letter with the word mackerel.


Image source: TheGodlyTank6493, William Bayreuther

That most car horns play an F4 on the first space of the treble clef.


Image source: Shannon_Casey, Kush Dwivedi

Male swallowtail butterflies have eyes on their [male genital] so they can position themselves correctly when mating.


When a body was placed in a coffin after being guillotined, they didn’t always put the head above the shoulders. Sometimes it would be between the legs, face first into the crotch.

Image source: fdtc_skolar


Image source: Stunning_Move7375, Ganapathy Kumar

There are 96 bags of human waste on the moon.


Image source: TheRichTurner, Jonathan Borba

By volume, the sun generates heat at the same rate as a compost heap.


Image source: jinoble, Pixabay

You can calculate the circumference of the universe with a margin of error less than the diameter of an atom if you have 60 digits of pi. Thus, any further digits are completely useless. You’re welcome to all of you that memorized 100+ digits back in school.
Editor’s note: 38 digits of pi is sufficient.

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