35 Funny And Heartwarming Vet Clinic Stories Shared Through Pics

Published 1 week ago

Veterinary clinics are places of both compassion and comedy. Amidst the serious business of caring for our beloved animal companions, there are moments that are heartwarming, hilarious, and downright memorable.

From quirky pets to their devoted owners, these clinics witness a delightful array of experiences that remind us of the joy and companionship animals bring into our lives. As we celebrate these wholesome and hilarious moments, let’s cherish the special bond we share with our furry companions and the dedicated professionals who care for them.

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#1 This Is My Vet’s Cat Fat Fred

Image source: Dahlcat

#2 My Boy Just Woke Up From His Dental Cleaning And My Vet Sent Me This Picture. My Poor Chief Looks Like He Doesn’t Know What Planet He’s On

Image source: AzulaOblongata

#3 Angus Is A Biiiiig Boy! He Is Approximately One Vet Tech Long

Image source: northmeckanimalhospital

#4 Waking Up To Bird Videos After Sedation Is Top-Notch Care

Image source: TrussVet

#5 Veterinarian Caring For The Same Dog 15 Years Apart

Image source: Mouse_fighter

#6 Cheesecake Goes To The Vet

Image source: Haley Andrews

#7 Went To The Vet Today, 10/10 Customer Service

Image source: AdvancedHat7630

#8 Vet Visit. As You Zoom In, The Grumpier He Looks

Image source: Taserface22

#9 Vet Techs Are Getting A Lot Smaller These Days

Image source: mnkerby

#10 Dog Pro-Tip For Your Next Hospital Stay: If You Don’t Want To Stay In A Kennel Overnight, Throw A Tantrum. It Just Might Work If Your Nurse Is Enough Of A Pushover

Image source: but_why_is_it_itchy

#11 The Vet Is So Scary

Image source: drenniks

#12 My Chonker Frank, Who Bit The Vet When She Called Him Fat

Image source: slothvengeance

#13 He Got A Star In The Vet Because He Is A Good Boy

Image source: smtza

#14 Back Home On Kangaroo Island And Hitting The Ground Running Out At The Makeshift Wildlife Hospital, Which Is In One Of The Areas Hardest Hit By Our Devastating Fires

Image source: jungle_doctor

#15 A Fun Little Memory I Feel The Need To Share

Image source: andrizzlenips

#16 Felt Very Micromanaged Today

Image source: tikitessie

#17 Taking My Turkey To The Vet

Image source: megarne

#18 Vet Student Vivian Cleaning A Wound On A Little Gator

Image source: dmaderdvm

#19 “Make Sure You Write In There That I’m A Super Good Girl And Deserve Lots Of Treats, OK Kim???”- Audra

Image source: pinewoodsanimalhospital

#20 Radiographs Play An Integral Role In The Medical Care That We Provide All Of The Patients At The North Carolina Zoo

Image source: dr.jbminterdvm

#21 My Baby Is In The Hospital, About To Get Surgery. I Think The Vet Loves Him As Much As I Do

Image source: happybeesandtrees

#22 I’m An Animal Shelter Vet Tech And Got To Spend Christmas With My Friend Harley

Image source: MegaNymphia

#23 Just Here To Remind You I Have An Awesome Job

Image source: melberth13

#24 Since We’re Sharing Monkey Cats, Here’s Mine Before I Brought Her Home

Image source: gotskating

#25 If You’ve Ever Wondered How We Keep Joeys Comfortable In The Hospital, This Is How. Fleece-Lined “Pouches” That Replicate Their Mother

Image source: alittlebitiffy

#26 Milo Here Had A Little Accident And Broke One Of His Metacarpal Bones! Thankfully, Dr. Rob Was Here To Help Him On His Path To Mend

Image source: pinewoodsanimalhospital

#27 One Of The Kittens In Our Neonate Center At Work Decided To Show Off The Beans

Image source: MegaNymphia

#28 Please Enjoy A Wagon Of Bassetts

Image source: emethysthexx

#29 So My Cat Went Under Anesthesia For His Dental Cleaning This Weekend

Image source: reddit.com

#30 As It Should Be

Image source: tikitessie

#31 Veterinarian Clinic’s Entrance Door

Image source: TheHobbit8

#32 Bringing A Little Light Into The Darkness. This Kid Has An Atlantoaxial Luxation. These Are The Best Bandages To Get Creative With, Despite The Reason For Needing Them

Image source: kanineanimus

He has to keep his head completely immobile until it’s time for surgery with the neurologist, and the neurotechnologists asked me to decorate him. This little guy is his dad’s light in the darkness. I just happen to like fish.

#33 A Little Patient That Is A Little Difficult To Carry. Named Haku

Image source: ana_medveterinaria

#34 We Don’t Just See Puppies And Kittens Here! We Love Seeing All Types Of Pets That Walk Through This Hospital Big Or Small

Image source: vcaparkcities

#35 I Can’t Have My Teefs Cleaned If They Can’t See Me

Image source: aclockworkyawn

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