20 “Victimless Crimes” You Might Be Guilty Of

Published 11 months ago

There are many laws and rules to protect people living in a sizeable community from being taken advantage of by each other. However, as with any system, there may be extenuating circumstances. 

The community members of “Ask Reddit” recently had an interesting discussion take-off on the platform, relating to “victimless crimes”. User u/secondfiddle00 began the thread, but folks soon joined in to share their own opinions on issues such as dumpster diving to jaywalking in the wee hours and how ethical it may be to engage in those activities even if you’re technically not hurting anyone. Scroll below for a collection of responses received on the thread and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments sections. 

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#1 Sleeping in your car when you are too drunk and can’t drive.

Image source: SuvenPan, Alp Ar Tunga Jabbarli

#2 Clicking “I am 18 years old” on an adult website when you’re 17

Image source: darkLordSantaClaus, Julia M Cameron

#3 As an ER nurse, I give a lot of s**t away to patients against the rules or advise them where they can get it cheaper.

Big hospitals have more money than God, but want me to send you home with 1or2 wound supplies for a wound that will take 4 weeks to heal. F**k that. Here’s a box of 50 for your purse. I never gave that to you. Hey, you need crutches, and here they are, but first. Before you sign that you got these. These crutches are $1000. The same or better are on Amazon for $50 or less. I’m not telling you how to live your life, but I can offer you a free wheelchair ride out to your sons car…

You could argue that the hospital is the victim here. I’m telling you that the hospital gets a discount on supplies and marks them up 1000% to sell to those going through an emergency. Who’s really the victim?


Appreciate all the support! Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I never have the pleasure of taking care of any of you. Stay healthy people and keep living your life to the best you can.

To those saying I could get fired for this. I appreciate the concern. I can almost guarantee I will one day be fired for this. It’s worth it to me. I will get another job in a different ER and continue my work.

Regarding the people saying I’m contributing to the problem. The problem is in the USA Healthcare model. Everything from insurance to CEOs. If my treatment and proper care of the individual is contributing to the problem, frankly, I don’t think I care tbh. I will continue.

Lastly. Various arguments have been made to if this is a victimless crime or not. I don’t disagree with some, but it’s the closest thing I have to answer the question. Apologies if it doesn’t 100% fit.

Stay beautiful people

Image source: Thunderoad2015, Andrea Piacquadio

#4 Prostitution. Ain’t nobody’s business if two [or] more consenting adults conduct a financial deal that involves bodily fluids.

That’s not to say that cheating, withholding health problems, and sex trafficking aren’t victimless, but those aren’t just merely prostitution.

Image source: Kuildeous

#5 Assisted s*****e. As long as it’s humane, the person is of right mind and age, and there is sufficient cause for such a procedure. Death with dignity has been withheld for too long as a civil society.

Image source: TheFuZz2of2

#6 Giving water to voters in lines in GA

Image source: metooeither, David Kouakou

#7 Picking up a bird feather found on the ground and keeping it. It’s technically against the migratory bird laws.

Image source: Fortunately_Met, Jonathan Meyer

#8 Eating food out of someone’s garbage.

Image source: vegtodestiny, Erik Mclean

#9 Anything related to food stamps. I’m sorry but food insecurity is not ok for anyone to go through. I don’t care about fudging the numbers to get food assistance. I don’t care about people who sell their food stamps (I know, it’s cards now, but you know what I mean). If you’re desperate enough to use fraud to get food or you’re selling your free food access to someone else who needs it because you need the money for bills, I’m ok with it.

Image source: TitleBulky4087

#10 Saving migrants from drowning

Image source: sadferrarifan, Patrick Porto

#11 Downloading very old games that are no longer available for sale.

Image source: Nuclear_rabbit, Anurag Sharma

#12 Hanging a clothesline, collecting rainwater, or planting a garden in your yard. Some places ban you from doing these things

Image source: llcucf80, Sergey Filippov

#13 Refusing to wear a hijab (in Iran)

Image source: StevenMaurer, Gül Işık

#14 I see Jaywalking on this quite a but but I will say when I lived overseas, jaywalking even at 2 am on an empty street just didn’t happen. When I asked a local (German) why he wouldn’t cross against a no-walking sign he said “what if a kid looked out the window and saw me, i don’t want to set a bad example”

Image source: cmh_ender, Rachel Claire

#15 Setting up a lemonade stand without a vendor license

Image source: FamousMaximum6985, Celeste Lindell

#16 Wearing a dress as a man in Tennessee.

Image source: typoeman, Greta Hoffman

#17 Feeding the homeless in Texas. No victims but it is a crime.

Image source: saanity, Julia M Cameron

#18 Putting coins in someone else’s parking meter.

Image source: travel_sore, Kevin Burnell

#19 Feeding the homeless.

Image source: HerderOfWords, MART PRODUCTION

#20 Dumpster diving.

Image source: Hot-Refrigerator-623, Trinidad Moreno

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