30 Adorable Cat Tattoos Every Cat Owner Would Be Jealous Of

Published 4 years ago

When it comes to choosing a tattoo, the possibilities are almost limitless. But whether you choose to get a small tattoo in a place that isn’t that visible or decide to go all out with a full back piece, one of the most important things is the tattoo’s significance. It could be anything from an inspirational quote to the portrait of a loved one – and some creative cat owners are even getting tattoos of their pets.

People are sharing the amazing cat tattoos they got and they’re simply adorable. Check out a collection of the most awesome cat tattoos every cat owner would be jealous of in the gallery below! And if you want to see more cool tattoos, see our previous posts here and here.

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Image source: ray_samuraitattooo


Image source: guugaa9


Image source: jana.gerhardt.tattoos


Image source: tosmile28


Image source: miejska.dzungla.tattoo


Image source: sabinatattoo


Image source: Mikalbbb


Image source: katuszakwiatkowska


Image source: tavares.ttt


Image source: zeletkowata


Image source: dlaczego_tattoo


Image source: camille.tattoo


Image source: Galaxykittie


Image source: souljah.d


Image source: ophelie_taki


Image source: hen_tattooer


Image source: sbsn47tattoo


Image source: lazlodasilva


Image source: kariokitattoo


Image source: RespectMyAuthoriteh


Image source: moonwustudio


Image source: taktoboli


Image source: hen_tattooer


Image source: tattooer_dogy


Image source: tattooer_amy_pate


Image source: _youyeon_


Image source: Whoopwhoop98


Image source: ratzbrat_tattooer


Image source: niko_nerdo


Image source: tizauria

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