30 Times People Captured Real-World Moments That Looked Like Video Game Scenarios

Published 1 year ago

If you are a fan of video games or futuristic TV shows, then you probably love the special effects and surreal scenes in them. What if you were roaming around the streets one day and found something exactly like one of those video game scenes and it confuses you for a second and makes you think if it’s real?

Today, we’ve collected some pics that give the impression that some ordinary real-life moments were designed by a video game developer. Check out the most fascinating ones in the gallery below.

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#1 Kitty Has A Quest For You

Image source: reddit.com

#2 So Today I Accidentally Stepped In A Skyrim Dungeon In Real Life – Van Vieng Laos

Image source: thibfgrs

#3 Zero Shadow Day

Image source: mayonnaisexd_

#4 Found While Out Deer Hunting In The Middle Of Nowhere

Image source: TakenAHike

#5 Saw A Knight In The Park The Other Day

Image source: SharpShotEFX

#6 This Torii Gate Looks Like It’s Out Of A Video Game, But It’s Real And Awesome To Check Out At Night

Image source: Nomadic_Gaijin

#7 There Was A Sky Light Beaming Up Towards The Sky From The Ground Level. The Cloud Glow Makes It Seem Like An Alien Spaceship

Image source: Accomplished_Owl

#8 This Bird Looks Like It’s From The Video Game

Image source: LawrieM

#9 My Lamp Post In The Snow Looks Like A Scene Out Of Narnia

Image source: r1ch999999

#10 Foggy Morning In London With A Bit Of Sunlight Equates To A Ghost Building On My Walk To Work

Image source: hollyisnotsweet

#11 The Terminal Lights Look Like Minecraft Clouds

Image source: punch_the_keys_fgs

#12 This Photo I Took In Versailles That’s Not Two Photos Spliced Together

Image source: ronneldavis

#13 When You’re Walking In The Park And An Animal Has A Side Quest For You

Image source: gsmaciel

#14 Glowing Base Of Tree Made By Arranging Leaves. Looks Almost Like A PS2 Game

Image source: Andy Goldsworthy

#15 Flash Shines Just Right To Turn The Web Into A Rainbow And To Make A Spider Like A Quest Object

Image source: reddit.com

#16 I Think He Has A Quest. Do You Approach Him?

Image source: bigdaddychefxddxd

#17 A Crane Outside Of My Work On A Foggy Morning With The Word Here Illuminated

Image source: zidave0

#18 The Mirrored Walkway Supports In This London Garden Make It Look Like Another Dimension Spliced Into Reality

Image source: Jorge-Esqueleto

#19 The Hallway To My Dentist Office Looks Like A Stanley Kubrick Scene

Image source: Calmblue1968

#20 Spotted A Minecraft Building On My Morning Commute

Image source: rudeboykyle94

#21 Sky Looks Like The Sky Of A Cheesy Video Game

Image source: leakyleaftree

#22 This Light In The Hotel Looks Like A Minecraft Block

Image source: GeniusPeanut

#23 Manhattan Looking To Be Straight Out Of The Post-Apocalypse Game

Image source: toxicdiver

#24 Our Dishwasher Has A Blue Light In It And It Makes One Of The Children’s Cups Glow. Looks Like A Collectible Item

Image source: reddit.com

#25 The Reflection From My Window Decal Makes My Toilet Look Like A Quest Item In A Video Game

Image source: DanielInternets

#26 God Just Started Playing Minecraft In The Middle Of This City

Image source: watlel

#27 This Wall Looks Like It Holds Rare Item In A Game

Image source: arielleisthecooliest

#28 This Area In My School Courtyard Always Gives Me Such A Weird Feeling When I Walk Alone In It

Image source: Cws3457

#29 The Hospital Of Aachen, NW, Germany Looks As If It Was From A Video Game On The Inside

Image source: Trizocbs

#30 One Bench In Our City Park Looks Like It’s Made Of Red-Hot Metal

Image source: RedFoxPro

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