40 Times People Shared The View From Their Window To This Viral Facebook Group

Published 4 years ago

There’s no better feeling when traveling than to wake up to a beautiful view. But even though the current coronavirus pandemic made many of our travel plans grind to a halt, some people still managed to come up with creative ways of traveling from the comfort of their homes.

Today we present you the View from my window Facebook group – a group where people from all over the world share the views from their windows, allowing you to travel Moscow to San Francisco in a single click. So far the group already has over 2.2 million members and it won’t take you long to understand why. From the plains of Africa to the fjords of Norway, check out the views from people’s windows in the gallery below!

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Image source: Deon Meyer


Image source: Linda Oling Jimenez


Image source: Stuart McKelvie‎


Image source:  Renee Cwikla


Image source: Helen Atherton


Image source: Lyn Coffin‎


Image source: Sally Grech


Image source: Amy DeFord Aquilina


Image source: Erin Beard


Image source: Peggy Kennedy


Image source: Jules Griffith


Image source: Popescu Rares


Image source: Mindi Brock


Image source: Marianne Sunde Hestetun


Image source: Maria Hanson


Image source: Marie-Alice Leclercq


Image source:  Freddy Noris


Image source: Geert Van Kaathoven


Image source: Pat Baxter


Image source: Andrea Marie


Image source: Natalia Ivlikova


Image source: Masha Medvedeva


Image source: Anne Merimaa


Image source: Lavina Strickleton Hemming


Image source: Régis Bourgault


Image source: Mark Waite


Image source: Lydur Skulason


Image source: Steven J. Whitfield‎

In 2008 I attempted suicide.

I was hospitalized and I lost everything. When I got out I lost my job, my car, my home, everything. I was 24 with no education outside of a high school diploma, and I knew only how to sell things to people, which I hated.

I dreamt of traveling the world and seeing new places but I’d done nothing close to that. I lost focus of everything. I thought money was the key to happiness and I chased that. Feeling devoid of everything, I really thought that there was no reason to continue. I had my shot at life and I blew it. My family convinced me to go back to university, despite my appeals that I was too old.

I became a teacher, I volunteered as a coach for the Special Olympics, and I worked with at risk youth. I found that what made me happy was making kids who I could empathize with happy. Making them feel that they were cared for, that a stranger could invest in them, and believe in them. I haven’t looked back since.

This situation has brought back old emotions, it’s taken away from me so much of what I feel I need to be happy and I feel disconnected from the very humans I only want to better. I’ve had to adapt, and in that, I’ve come to see, slowly, that I have much to be grateful for.

Today I moved into my dream flat. I’m a kid from an extremely humble, and very young family in the desert of west Texas with a dream to travel the world and today I feel accomplished. My home today is a place I could only dream of as a child and couldn’t fathom in 2008. I still struggle, every day in fact, but I know that I have a purpose, and through a laptop or in person, it doesn’t matter, I know there are tiny humans who need to be believed in and I’m happy to do that! I loved every single student that I’ve had and I don’t say that because it’s what a teacher should say, I say it because I mean it. Today I feel OK, and that’s always a step on the right direction for anyone.


Image source: Sandrine Fresnel


Image source: Angie Jeffries-Layman


Image source: Tania Kamburudi


Image source: Linda Sif Þorláksdóttir


Image source: Hisham Youssef


Image source: Ingrid van den Boogaard


Image source: Maria Scarvalone


Image source: Coreena Fletcher


Image source: Stefany Rowland


Image source: Connor Stewie


Image source: Debby Gastes


Image source: Leslie Cornelius

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