25 Moments Tourists Don’t Get To See When Visiting Egypt, As Shared By This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Thinking of Egypt, our imagination instantly goes to five-star hotels, enjoying the ‘all meals included’ deal, and sipping on Piña Coladas by the pool. It’s certainly a great vacation destination. Egypt is also loved by tourists and is best-known for its Giza Pyramids, the statue of a recumbent sphinx, and famous camel rides. But for those, interested in exploring ‘unseen’ Egypt, keep on reading.

There’s a subreddit dedicated to sharing all the best spots to discover in Egypt, beyond the statues and tombs, that are not usually promoted to tourists. Other than places to visit, learn more about Egypt by seeing some of the historic and never-before-seen photos and heartwarming picture-perfect moments that make Egypt a special place on Earth.

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#1 What A Beautiful Day

Image source: fesbanu

#2 F**k Giza Pyramids All My Homies Love Heinz Ketchup Bottle

Image source: EdicaranFauna

#3 Satisfaction Smile With The Taste Of Life, Egypt

Image source: mahmoud50569

#4 Amazing View Of The Pyramids Of Giza ♥️

Image source: Jamila_Alzaabii

#5 Nubian Houses In Egypt And Sudan

Image source: husseinjabir97

#6 The Sun Was Too Hot For His Litol Feet

Image source: w-a-n-n

#7 Sunset In Cairo – (Shot By Hossam Abbass)

Image source: Level-Worth7598

#8 Can We All Take A Moment To Embrace Such A Beautiful, But Underappreciated Mosque In Sohag? It Won Global Architecture Awards, But Not That Many People Know About It. The Basuna Mosque.

Image source: KingDahab

#9 Beautiful Sunset From Airbnb In Egypt 2020

Image source: whosyourbaghdady

#10 Scale ????????

Image source: mahmoud50569

#11 Cats In Egypt

Image source: Sufficient-Refuse-98

#12 I’m In Love With The Picture

Image source: Noura_Fatnasi

#13 Taba, Egypt

Image source: Jamila_Alzaabii

#14 What The Hell Happened To These I’ve Been Looking For One For Years

Image source: Abdelrahman_eltahhan

#15 This Large But Beautiful Tree In Cairo

Image source: reddit.com

#16 Kings And Queens Are Being Moved From The Old Museum To The New Grand Egyptian Museum!

Image source: Econort816

#17 El Minya, Egypt

Image source: Wild-Damage

#18 A Bench In The Library Of Alexandria, Egypt.

Image source: Leena_Noor0

#19 Yes, I Think To Myself What A Wonderful World

Image source: LedoArt

#20 Pyramids Of Giza – A View Of The Pyramids Of Giza Along The Nile River At Sunset, 1934.

Image source: Misery_Girl_1999

#21 Amazing Shot I Have To Share

Image source: mahmoud50569

#22 This Building In Alexandria, Egypt

Image source: unknown

#23 A Photo Of The Sphinx In The Late 1800s. It Was Taken From A Hot Air Balloon And Was Still Covered By Sand

Image source: 3askaryyy

#24 This Is Not Italy. This Is Our Lovely Alexandria!

Image source: AlaaMaherr

#25 Alexandria Sea After Quarantine ( Abo Qeer ) ?

Image source: B4dr003

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