20 Mind-Blowing Animal Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of, As Shared In This Online Thread

Published 8 months ago

You know, animals are a lot weirder than we give them credit for, especially if your baseline is something like “cats go meow and dogs go woof.” The natural world is like this crazy playground full of surprises just waiting to be uncovered.

Someone threw out the question, “What’s the weirdest animal fact you know?” and animal-loving folks from all corners of the globe jumped in with their two cents. So, grab a comfy seat, imagine each fact narrated in David Attenborough’s voice, and start scrolling. Let’s dive into the wild world of funky animal trivia!

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Image source: ergonaut, Fábio Scaletta

“Owls have really long necks, but it’s hard to notice that because their feathers are so fluffy.”


Image source: Odd_Zombie_1, Leonardo de Oliveira

“Cats can get pregnant while being pregnant.”


Image source: Remarkable_Sink2542, Roxanne Minnish

“When a female sloth wants a mate she’ll hang onto a tree branch and just scream.”


Image source: Alive_Ad823, Peng Louis

“cats have the mental capacity of a 2 year old which makes a lot of sense.”


Image source: seedanrun, Pixabay

“Polar bear fur isn’t white – it’s translucent (for most frequencies of light). And they have black skin underneath.

So polar bear fur lets all the light through to their black skin to warm them – except for a few visible frequencies to keep them camouflaged as white.”


Image source: DaniGeek, Annika Thierfeld

“Contrary to popular belief, reindeer prefer raisins instead of carrots. So if you want to leave a treat for Santa’s reindeer, leave raisins. I only know this because a friend of mine has a reindeer farm and they will push you for a whole box.”


Image source: Samanthalynn8915, Serena Repice Lentini

“octopus punch other fish for no reason- so, for fun.”


Image source: Schwarzes__Loch, Bernd Hofmann

“Argonauts are small octopuses that are too lazy to f**k. They detach their d***s and toss them into the open sea to mate with female argonauts.”


Image source: nonexistantauthor, Sumeet Moghe

“Honey badgers can turn their a******s inside out and use the smell to deter attackers. Not sure what exactly has the guts to attack a honey badger, but if they have the courage to do so, the badger sure as hell isn’t gonna make it easy.”


Image source: altkaldra, HAMID ELBAZ

“Dolphins will intentionally use puffer fish to get high.”


Image source: DMD612, Adriaan Greyling

“An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain”


Image source: Fabulous-Pause4154, Isabel Galvez

“The Blanket Octopus exhibits the highest degree of sexual dimorphism known. Females: About 6 feet across. Males: About one inch.”


Image source: we_made_yewww, Chris F

“Woodpeckers’ tongues wrap around their brains to cushion them from the vibrations of slamming their face into trees all day.”


Image source: atom1129, Marshal Hedin

“Sea otters are the most densely furred animal with 600,000 to 1,000,000 hair follicles per square inch. Dogs have about 15,000 per square inch, humans on average are between 800 to 1,290 hairs per square inch”


Image source: Usual-Blueberry-8864, Pixabay

“When finding nectar bees swarms in random direction and when bee find the source of nectar the go back to their hive Bees communicate with other bees where the nectar is located by their special dance which indicates
1. Direction of nectar with respect to sun
2. Exact Distance of nectar from the hive
3. Time before sunset (this point is controversial as there is only one research paper available)”


Image source: MarcoYTVA, Pixabay

“Some insects don’t have a brain, instead using their whole nervous system to think. As a result, I recently saw a video of a decapitated wasp trying to eat its own head.”


Image source: WakingOwl1, Klaus

“Platypus glow blueish green under ultraviolet light. They also don’t have nipples, they just exude milk from glands under the skin and the baby’s lap it up.”


Image source: Uncle_Bill, Dan RO

“Armadillos always have offspring in quadruplets.”


Image source: Excellent_Priority_5, Jude Infantini

“Dragon flys have the highest kill rate out of any flying predator.”


Image source: SuzannaEmberwolf, NOAA/NMFS/SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory

“Male anglerfish are super teeny tiny compared to a female. When a male finally bumps into a female down in the deep deep dark, he attaches himself to her and slowly, over time, he becomes A PART OF HER.”

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