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10+ Times People Were Weirded Out By What They Saw, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away

Published 2 years ago

#11 A Coworker Found A Hive On Her Balcony. She Is Convinced That Is A Beehive. I Am Not But I Don’t Know What Insect It Is

Image source: Meatlumpsandwar

#12 I Was Off-Roading With My Kids Today And Found This In The Path Blocked By A Giant Rock. Any Ideas?

Image source: benc972

#13 This Was Given To Me Maybe 25 Years Ago Because I Collect Knives. No One Knows Where It’s From Or The Purpose Of The Stick (There’s Space For 2 Sticks, But Only One Was In It When Given To Me). Us Quarter For Scale

Image source: iHaveACatDog

#14 I Came Home Yesterday Afternoon To Find This Tucked In My Car Door. Anyone Have Similar Experience?

Image source: Astridasteroid

#15 Odd Square Metal Imbedded In A Rock. What Is This Thing?

Image source: D3adkl0wn

#16 Found This On A Beach In New Zealand- There Were Thousands Of Them At The High Water Mark. What Is It?

Image source: goforajog

#17 I Need Your Help! What Is This?

Image source: Beer_in_an_esky

#18 Oxycodone Bottle Found In The Woods With Electronics Inside. What Is This Thing?

Image source: Buck_Thorn

#19 Super Small Mini Flask? The ‘Needle’ Screws Into The Flask. What Is This Thing?

Image source: hiding_in_the_corner

#20 Took This Weird Bean Home, Now It’s Opening Up And Has Me More Puzzled. What Is This Thing?

Image source: Sanvi


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