25 Widespread Misconceptions About Different Lines Of Work That Still Persist

Published 2 weeks ago

Don’t you hate it when people stereotype you based on your profession? Especially if that stereotype is absolutely ridiculous! Well, it’s quite common for people to assume things about your profession that are not true.

Therefore, the question posed on the internet—”What’s a misconception about your profession that you’re tired of hearing?”—unleashed a flood of responses from professionals across various fields. From teachers to doctors, engineers to artists, people eagerly took to their keyboards to debunk common myths and set the record straight about their respective professions. Here are some of the most notable misconceptions shared by professionals:

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Image source: LiquidSoCrates, Rodolfo Quirós/pexels

Construction. No, I’m not looking to build your deck for a cheeseburger and a six pack of beer.


Image source: The_Law_of_Pizza, August de Richelieu /pexels

I’m an attorney.

A lot of people – maybe most people – have this bizarre idea that a court case turns on who has the better attorney.

As if we’re wizards, hurling eldritch beams of light at one another until one of our minds snap and the empty husk slumps to the floor. The judge whispers a fey enchantment, his fingers curling in an unknown, arcane sign, and the victor is bathed in emerald light.

A bad attorney can absolutely sink your case, but once you reach a level of basic competence, the facts of the case are almost exclusively what drive victory or defeat.

I can make clever arguments all day, but if you beat the s**t out of an orphan to steal his Pokemon cards, my twisted magicks will not avail you.


Image source: Real_Knowledge_426, Antoni Shkraba/pexels

I’m a librarian, and people think we just read books all day. In reality, we manage databases, assist with research, and conduct community programs.


Image source: DeCapitator, Greta Hoffman/pexels

Vegetable farmer. We get so many applicants wanting to “connect to the soil”, yet have never touched a shovel before. So many people don’t seem to understand that farming is manual labor with long hours and hardship every day. And It’s all just to limp by. We aren’t making much money.


Image source: Square-Degree-1126, Ksenia Chernaya/pexels

As an electrician, the misconception that it’s not a skilled profession is frustrating. It requires rigorous training and adherence to safety standards.


Image source: arkofjoy, Thijs van der Weide/pexels

I’m a handyman. None of those things that happen in those human mating ritual documentaries that you watch on the internet have ever happened to me.


Image source: PotentialPower4313, Jsme MILA/pexels

I’m a support worker for adults with complex learning and physical disabilities have been for 7 years now – no u don’t just “wipe bums for a living”.

I keep them alive and happy, giving them a quality of life filled with as much independence and choice as they can have. I treat them with dignity and respect while yes at times supporting them with personal care because guess what? They can’t do it! So someone has to, it’s such a tiny part of my job and the least bit interesting.

Hardly anyone hears about the love and patience, acceptance and humility the people I support teach me and give me every day.


Musician: “you’re lucky to be born with talent”. I worked my whole life practicing every single day, invested so much money in great teachers and great gear to be able to do what I do for a living.

Image source: delorca


Image source: drainbamage826, Brandon Leon/flickr

Fire Sprinkler Designer here: Fire Sprinkler water IS NOT clean and clear like the movies depict…That water more than likely has been in those pipes for decades and is filled with corrosion and cutting oil. As soon as a sprinkler goes off, you are getting doused with black tar water…


Image source: DukeOfGreenfield, MART PRODUCTION/pexels

Call center customer service agent (telecom). For the last 12 years I’ve had to hold the hand of thousands of customers through the phone. It’s not an easy job. I have to remember the specs of all the new cellular devices, all the codes for our ancient DOS base AS400 system and above all that, I have to deal with people who have issues breathing and speaking at the same time. It’s exhausting, at the end of the day my body is awake and ready but my mind is mush, oh and I do it in 2 languages.


I work in retail, and the misconception that it’s easy or a ‘fallback’ job is frustrating. It requires serious multitasking and customer service skills.

Image source: Equivalent_Strain_70


Image source: PlatypusWrath, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

“Why do you need a dictionary? I thought you were a translator.”.


Image source: lorum_ipsum_dolor, OVAN/pexels

That graphic design is fun, cool, exciting and we’ll do it for peanuts just because we enjoy it.

Sorry to break it to you but I got bills to pay and most of the time I’m trying to protect the client from making really bad decisions because they feel they could “do it themselves if they could just draw a little better”.


Image source: littlegremlinsparky, Vlada Karpovich/pexels


Their eyes are green because that’s the color I thought of when I built the character. It’s not that deep most of the time.

Also, no, I don’t want to read the first draft of the book you started when you were 12 that’s “such a great idea!”

Believe me, none of us write well at 12 and no I won’t read it for free.


Massage therapist – ‘how much for a happy ending hurr hurr ‘. It gets old guys, seriously.

Image source: justmeinthenight


Stay at home dad – that because I’m not the breadwinner I must be emasculated and/or not masculine.

Image source: Skinnee11


People think being a chef is glamorous thanks to cooking shows, but the reality is long hours in a high-stress environment.

Image source: AbbreviationsSad8923


Image source: Love-Thirty, cottonbro studio/pexels

I drove a taxi. We don’t meet a lot of famous people. Not all passengers are unhinged lunatics. .


Image source: TravelJefe, Sora Shimazaki /pexels

Lawyer here. Just because you fail to understand a nuance doesn’t mean it’s a “loophole”.


Image source: arbys_stripper, Rhys Abel /pexels

Yes, the plane can fly itself for the most part. The “flying” part is the easy part and we offload some of it to automation so we can focus on other tasks.

It’s like showing cruise control in a car to someone who has never driven a car or seen a road before, and them saying “oh Id be a great driver, it does everything itself!”.


Image source: ElephantUndertheRug, Max Fischer /pexels

“Teachers are brainwashing and indoctrinating our kids!”

Bruh I can barely get these adorable little b@stards to bring a damn pencil to class ? I’m flattered you think I have that much power but I can assure you I do not.


Image source: offspringphreak, Pixabay /pexels

Janitor/custodian. Any service job, really.

No, not everybody who works those jobs is dumb with no prospects/ambitions. Things happen in life, be it health issues, personal/family issues. I never understood how someone seeing another person working a job like that can look down on them and treat them like dirt.

A separate pet peeve is “i dont feel like putting this item back where it belongs” or “ill just make this mess and not clean it up” because it’s “somebody else’s job” or “im just letting them *earn* their paycheck!”. No, you’re an a*****e.

To end this on a positive note though, as someone who’s had a lot of these types of jobs, being polite, saying “thank you” and being respectful to any service/retail/restaurant worker(or, anyone really) are simple things that don’t take much effort and can brighten up someone’s day.


Image source: pookie74, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

I’m a long time caregiver to mother who lives with dementia. For some reason, people don’t consider it “work”. That includes doctors. I’m on call 24/7. I can’t leave for long periods of time. My own health went to s**t. Geriatric care costs are astronomical. Yet, all people hear is “You’re not working.” .


Image source: daird1, alexandre saraiva carniato /pexels

Unemployed disabled. We want to work, but nobody will let us. Then they turn around and call us lazy parasites.


Image source: CrabFarts, Christina Morillo/pexels

Tech support. We didn’t start out angry..

1. Turn it off, then turn it on again. No, we’re not lazy that really does solve a majority of problems. And no, shutting off your monitor is not shutting down your computer.

2. When we ask you if it’s plugged in, follow the cord all the way from your computer to the wall.

3. If the computer gives you a message with an error code, WRITE IT DOWN OR TAKE A SCREENSHOT.

4. Describe the problem, but only what is necessary. I don’t care why you were emailing your aunt. I do care about the message that popped up when you clicked Send.

5. If I come to look at your computer, get out of the way. No, I cannot fix anything if you are sitting in your chair in front of your computer.

6. Printer problem? Take it out back and shoot it. I would rather work on anything else before printer problems.

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