25 Eccentric Real Estate Discoveries Found By ‘The Best Of Zillow’

Published 1 month ago

In the vast world of real estate, where sleek designs and tasteful architecture often take center stage, there exists a corner of the internet that celebrates the unconventional. Enter ‘The Best Of Zillow,’ an X account (previously known as Twitter) dedicated to showcasing what can only be described as the most eccentric, bizarre, and sometimes downright peculiar homes available on the popular real estate platform.

With nearly 45,000 followers, the account has become a digital haven for enthusiasts of unusual architecture and those with an eye for the extraordinary. Check out some of their wildest posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Oh Do I Have A Treat For You Guys Today.

Image source: thebestofzillow

Sephora Black : “Money can’t buy taste.”

Rob : “A bit of work with a flamethrower and it might be bearable.”

Canandelabra : “Kind of a Disney princess kind of nope”

#2 Found The Set Of The Next Knives Out Movie

Image source: thebestofzillow

Sandy D : “I love the door!”

#3 I’d Like To Be Under The Sea In An Octopus’s Bathroom Beneath The Waves

Image source: thebestofzillow

rullyman : “Gorgeous! How lucky to move into a home with handmade mosaics”

#4 “Swole Zeus Isn’t Real, He Can’t Hurt You” Swole Zeus:

Image source: thebestofzillow

Lotekguy : “New, improved Ambrosia!! Now infused with anabolic steroids!”

#5 Imagine The D&d Campaigns…

Image source: thebestofzillow

Hippopotamuses : “This quite appealing. But I really hope it has central heating.”

Mark : “How much is it, because I’m seriously considering moving”

#6 If There Were An Award For The Best Kid’s Rooms….

Image source: thebestofzillow

rullyman : “Hard to clean though. Imagine your kid has a stomach bug and their bed is inside the millennium falcon 😬”

Momo Skarsgård : “With all that money I really really doubt the parents or kids are cleaning anything at all”

#7 I Wish This Was An April Fool’s Joke

Image source: thebestofzillow

Leanne Hailes : “Banana’sssssss for scale”

#8 This House Looks Like A Forgotten Disney Hotel

Image source: thebestofzillow

Okiedokie : “I…weirdly sort of like this :S”

Passerby : “ This would make an excellent hotel or a lodge. It looks interesting enough to be one.”

#9 Polar Vortex Hitting Hard? Retire To This Cocaine-Fueled Palace, Featuring An Indoor Pool And Too Many Statues

Image source: thebestofzillow

#10 Look, I’ve Seen A Lot Of Stuff In A Lot Of Houses… The Waifu Wine Cellar Is A New One.

Image source: thebestofzillow

Lydsylou (she/her) : “I like the house”

rullyman : “Love the glass atrium. Reminds me of being in a museum. And blessed wine waifu, help me choose a pairing for seafood… a reisling? Excellent choice.”

#11 I Wonder What D-Tier Magician Lived In This One

Image source: thebestofzillow

Rebelliousslug : “Ngl take the crosses off the wall and I’d live here”

#12 Weirdest-Real-Estate-Zillow

Image source: thebestofzillow

BM85 : “Welcome to the Mirror Dimension.”

#13 I Feel Like I’m Watching The Brady Bunch On Acid

Image source: thebestofzillow

Hippopotamuses : “I’ve never done acid. But it’s nice to see the effect it would have.”

#14 Two Words: Stiletto Tub

Image source: thebestofzillow

Lydsylou (she/her) : “It has a built in slide!”

#15 Y’know, Personally, I Don’t Think They Have Enough Hats

Image source: thebestofzillow

Hippopotamuses : “A bit too ‘busy’ for me.”

#16 Finally, I Can Realize My Dream Of Living Inside Casa Bonita

Image source: thebestofzillow

Widdershins66 : “I love the bottom picture”

#17 $1 Mil In Texas Buys You 8 Bedrooms, 10 Bathrooms, And A Scale Replica Of Christ The Redeemer

Image source: thebestofzillow

MargyB : “Very cheap!”

#18 I Love When Houses Have Some Tasteful Brass Accents

Image source: thebestofzillow

Lotekguy : “When finished will the second include 76 trombones?”

#19 Got Coins In My Toilet Seat Call That Dirty Money

Image source: thebestofzillow

rullyman : “Mirrored rooms like this are all fun and games until it’s 3am, you need to pee, and you don’t wanna turn on the main bright lights. My husband’s bachelor flat had 360 mirrors in the bathroom and night peeing was oddly terrifying. Step forward and so do a whole bunch of shadowy reflections”

#20 I Think 90’s Greco-Roman Maximalism Needs To Make A Comeback

Image source: thebestofzillow

#21 This House Reeks Of Hairspray And Trickle-Down Economics

Image source: thebestofzillow

#22 The Nude Magicians Really Tie The Room Together

Image source: thebestofzillow

#23 NY Cocaine-Core Is On Another Level. Never Have I Been So Threatened By A Group Of Bonsai Trees

Image source: thebestofzillow

#24 Weirdest-Real-Estate-Zillow

Image source: thebestofzillow

#25 “We Have Bridgerton At Home.” The Bridgerton At Home:

Image source: thebestofzillow

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