A Bob Ross Art Exhibition Is On Display In Virginia And People Love The Wholesome Captions

Published 5 years ago

Bob Ross was an American painter and television host who spent over ten years teaching people that everyone can be an artist in his TV show called The Joy of Painting. To this day Ross is remembered as an incredibly wholesome person, and his quote “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” perfectly describes the message he was trying to send.

Recently, one Imgur user going under the nickname of roguerpi created a post about her friend Joan. She explained how Joan’s day job was managing Bob Ross’ collected works and staffing an 800 number for people who want to call and talk about the artist.

In her post, roguerpi shared photos from the first Bob Ross exhibition ever held on the East Coast. It was hosted in the Franklin Park Performing and Visual Arts Center in Purcellville, Virginia, and the tickets sold out so fast, the organizers had to release more.

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“[Joan] recently donated some of his art to the Smithsonian, but it’s unclear when they’ll put it on display. So she had a show at the local park in their small studio,” writes the Imgur user.

The place was so crowded, roguerpi had to watch a documentary for a whole hour before there was room to enter the actual show.

The exhibition displays the original paintings Ross painted during his years as a television host.

Ross got into painting when he was transferred to Alaska during his years in the Air Force. Originally from Florida, the painter was mesmerized by the nature around him. The snow, the mountains – everything was new and the nature scenes he saw made it into his paintings.

Ross eventually returned to Florida but continued to regularly visit the Bob Ross Inc. headquarters in Northern Virginia. He was quite fond of antiques and occasionally visited Purcellville looking for some. “It’s quite poetic that his first major exhibit would be in Purcellville,” said Joan Kowalski, President, Bob Ross Inc.

People love Bob Ross’ art

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