30 Wholesome Posts That Might Lift Your Spirits Up

Published 1 year ago

Sometimes it’s important to take a break from all the negative and depressing news that keeps circulating everywhere on the internet. When overwhelmed by such things, I look for something to make my day a little brighter. So I start hunting for some heartwarming posts to quickly boost my mood.

Today we have prepared a collection of wholesome posts that prove not everything in the world is terrible. From people defeating cancer to a flight attendant holding a nervous passenger’s hand, scroll below to see some incredible posts that might make you cry tears of joy.

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#1 My Father-In-Law Is A “Big Tough Farmer”

Image source: eaa513

#2 I’m No Longer Taking The FDA-Approved Alopecia Drug Due To Harsh Side Effects. I’ve Decided To Fully Embrace The Fact That I’ll Be A Patchy-Headed Princess And I’m Ok With That

Image source: KohanaCat

#3 My Wife Showed Me This Photo She Took Of Our Daughters. “That’s Cute, They’re Copying Each Other” I Said. Then She Zoomed-In To Me (Purple Hoodie). Made Me Smile

Image source: Technicholl

#4 The Little Things We Take For Granted

Image source: KinkyKittyKatt80

#5 This Woman Was So Nervous About Flying, So The Flight Attendant Explained Every Sound And Bump And Even Sat There Holding Her Hand When It Still Got To Be Too Much For Her

Image source: umbertocsaba

#6 San Angelo Texas Roadhouse Hires Deaf Server. What A Great Way To Accommodate Those With Disabilities. Go Support Mario If You’re In The Area

Image source: DetectiveBennett

#7 I’ve Never Loved My Physical Appearance And Physical Looks. I Just Wanted One Night To Feel Beautiful And For Once And My Prom Night Was The Night. I Loved The Dress

Image source: Short-Use-5933

“I felt like a princess I felt like I was beautiful.”

#8 A Baby Girl Was Rescued After 130 Hours. She Was Under The Rubble After A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rocked Turkey And Syria On February 6, 2023

Image source: yagosabuncuoglu

#9 Four Years Ago I Got To Play For A Local Farmers’ Market And Got Tipped In Potatoes, Apricot Jam, And Nutbars

Image source: violinfiddleman

“Honestly, this gig brought such a smile to my lonely musician’s heart during quarantine. Best gig ever!”

#10 We Own A Small Bakery And Self-Taught Ourselves How To Make Floral Cupcakes

Image source: ohheysarahjay

#11 After Growing Up Homeless And Without The Help Of Family And With Parents That Didn’t Care About My Education Or Well Being, I Still Did It

Image source: ReplacementLoose1168

#12 The Woman Had Just Undergone Surgery, And When Her Afghani Neighbour Heard About It, He Decided To Go The Extra Mile And Helped Her Out

Image source: SundayMargot

#13 A Couple Of Years Ago I Didn’t Even Leave The House. Today I Am Happy To Say I Rented My First Accessible Apartment

Image source: crawlerz2468

#14 High School Girls In Iran

Image source: naveedflix

#15 Since February, I’ve Been Through 2 Surgeries, 8 Rounds Of Chemotherapy, And 21 Rounds Of Radiation. Today My Doctor Said I’m Now Cured From Breast Cancer

Image source: missrubydu

#16 Burning My Suicide Note Because From Now On I Will Work Things Out

Image source: Zach20032000

#17 My FIL Has Dementia And Thinks He Needs To Go Back To Vietnam. A Lieutenant Colonel From The Same Squadron Agreed To Come And Tell Him He Doesn’t Need To Go Back

Image source: dunnkw

#18 My Dad And I Used To Get Milkshakes Together All The Time. My Daughter And I Sharing Our First Milkshake Together

Image source: Hweb92

#19 An Italian Painter Who Is Now An Elderly Man That Doesn’t Paint Anymore Because He Doesn’t See Well Just Gifted Me This 100-Year-Old Easel. How Epic Is This

Image source: AnisJerbi

#20 Hero Step Dad

Image source: nitsohara

#21 A Few Months Ago I Learned How To Stand In Physical Therapy With No Hands. Now I’m Standing In A Tux

Image source: miraclman31

#22 My Wife Started Feeding A Stray Cat But I’m Allergic So We Couldn’t Take Her Into Our House. I Built The Cat Her Own Instead. It’s Insulated And Has Electric Heating

Image source: gnarly-skull

“Look at that happy little face!”

#23 What A Goal

Image source: rosseepoo

#24 After 5 Miscarriages And Endless Heartache, My Wife And I Finally Had Our Rainbow Baby

Image source: Callistoux

#25 My Little Brother Found A Broken Electric Scooter At A Yard Sale. He Wanted To Get It Working So He Asked My Mom To Take Him To The Mechanic’s To Get It Fixed

Image source: salty914

“They spent 45 minutes working on it for him, free of charge.”

#26 Two Years Ago Today I Survived An Extremely Risky Surgery That Every Doctor Thought Would Kill Me. I Was 93 Lbs, Today I Am 193 Lbs

Image source: Sgtoreoz1

“I’ve come a very long way, I am thankful for life every day I wake up.”

#27 Alcoholism vs. Sobriety. Today Marks 1,000 Days Sober. Going Into Rehab And Having The Courage To Ask For Help Saved My Life

Image source: Disastrous-Dress8077

#28 The Omelette

Image source: morningwitchy

#29 7 Months Post Chemo. Enough Hair For A Headband

Image source: Choosepeace

#30 Too Cute

Image source: HenpeckedHal

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