Why Brown Rice is Better Than the White Rice?

Published 8 years ago

In tropical countries, the staple food for the inhabitants is mainly rice and wheat as one can cultivate a huge amount of these two products in these countries due to the heat and moisture, which are favorable for the growth of these. One may find ample varieties of rice and wheat in these countries and Thai brown jasmine rice is one of the popular varieties.

In Thailand, this jasmine rice is said to be the most popular rice among all the varieties of rice available. This jasmine rice is one long grained rice, which has an aroma just like the jasmine flower and the fragrance is beautiful. In fact, not only in Thailand; according to researches, it is one popular rice grain type, which is famous in all over the South East Asian countries. This aromatic rice is mostly used to prepare and serve along with the seafood dishes and coconut, which are also the popular side dishes in these countries. Many people say that this rice is often used as the alternative of basmati rice.

There are mainly two types of jasmine rice available. One is brown jasmine rice and the other is white jasmine rice. It is said that brown jasmine rice has more benefits than the white jasmine rice.

The nutritional values of brown jasmine rice

• A cup full of brown jasmine rice is said to have more than 5 grams of protein, which means it can fulfill almost ten percent of daily nutritional intake of an individual human being. It also has almost 45 grams of carbohydrates and the best part is all of these come with even less than two grams of fat. The total amount of calorie intake that happens by eating a cup of Thai brown jasmine rice is only 216 calories.

• Brown jasmine rice is also good when one talks about vitamins. We all know that vitamins are very essential for human bodies as they are responsible for metabolism and cell production within the body. A cup of brown jasmine rice contains almost 3 milligrams of different types of Vitamins among which Vitamin B6 and Thiamin. These are both essential for the human body.

• This rice also contains sufficient amounts of minerals which help to maintain the functioning systems of a human body keeping the structure strong and immune. A cup of brown jasmine rice contains 162 milligrams of phosphorus and 84 milligrams of magnesium which are very good and essential. These minerals help the human body to fight back all the bad influences from the outer environment keeping it strong.

• This rice variety is rich in dietary fibers. Though dietary fibers are mainly found in plant foods but this rice is an exception. The importance of presence of dietary fiber in rice means this rice gets digested very easily keeping the stomach clear with regular bowel movements. On the other hand, it also keeps the blood cholesterol level normal in a human body.

Apart from brown rice, Thai black jasmine rice is also another variety which is available, which is also preferred for its inherent nutritional benefits.

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