30 Wild Animal Encounters That Caught People By Surprise

Published 1 year ago

For years, people have had a fascination with animals, from domesticating them to watching them; evidenced by the endless demand for nature documentaries on wild animals. Some animals seem to have the same fascination for humans in return and our team has managed to gather a few images from the seemingly endless number of interactions of humans & wild animals spotted in unexpected situations as documented in the pics below.

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#1 Just A Friendly Local I Met On A Hike Yesterday (Portugal)

Image source: Oztravels

#2 Wild Boar Chilling With Humans

Image source: YungSoo

#3 Found This Guy Under My Car This Morning. Spent About 10 Minutes Hand-Feeding Him Carrots And Broccoli

Image source: rcarter95

#4 Owl Landed On My Friend’s Head At A Luke Bryan Concert

Image source: eldiablo11

#5 Fox Sleeping On Skylight

Image source: 1in7billion_

#6 I Went To The Amazon And Found My Long-Lost Brother

Image source: HoboMoo

#7 Security Light Went Off At 1 Am. This Little Guy Found My Dog’s Ball

Image source: ScaredOfTheMan

He/She was actually 1 of 3, that were playing with each other in the backyard. I stayed up watching for almost an hour.

#8 Baby Foxes Showed Up To Say Hi At My Grandmother’s House

Image source: Vechrotex, Vechrotex

#9 This Wild Goose Flew In And Became Friends With My Grandma’s Farm Goose. He Hasn’t Left In Over A Year

Image source: Kallikana

#10 Koala Had Wandered Into A House And Decided It Wanted To Be The Fairy On The Christmas Tree

Image source: 1300Koalaz

This evening our hotline operator took a call. At first, she thought she was the victim of a prank call.

But no, a koala desperate to get in the Christmas spirit had wandered into Amanda McCormick’s house and decided it wanted to be the fairy on the Christmas tree. Amanda was not so sure and rang 1300KOALAZ for help.
Thanks, Amanda for the great pictures and for making sure this little koala got its wish, even if it was just for a short while.

#11 My Dad Lives Alone In The Australian Bush And Cares For A Family Of Wild Kangaroos, Today He Sent Me This Photo

Image source: EBhobo

#12 Let’s Pet The Cute Wild Bobcat Kittens, When You See It

Image source: NotSure2505

#13 This Fella Walked 3 Km From The Beach To A Wheat Farm And Got Lost

Image source: RhettBurnie

#14 Found In Backyard: A Rare And Endangered Peregrine Falcon—the Fastest Bird On The Continent (The Wildlife Commission Reunited Him With His Family)

Image source: Intrepid_Nothing9561

#15 Found An Owl Lying In My Backyard This Morning (Don’t Worry I Took Him To A Wildlife Rescue Center)

I took her to the Austin Wildlife Rescue center and the vet working there told me she probably hit her head really hard and has a concussion. She will make a full recovery and will be released as soon as she regains full consciousness.

Image source: isabellalopez

#16 This Chipmunk Looking Up At My Girlfriend On Top Of Eagle Cap Summit, 9570 Ft

Image source: EngineeringExplained

#17 Got A Gift From My Crow Friends

Image source: cutelyaware

#18 Went For A Walk Today And My Dog Found A Baby Bird

Image source: 12bore1992

#19 Found This And Thought You All Might Like It. Trash Panda

Image source: scareghost89

#20 Found This Little Guy At Work Today

Image source: Boyinthecorn

Wasn’t safe where I found him, so I let him go outside of the job.

#21 Owls Born Outside Of Office Windows Won’t Stop Staring At Workers Inside

Image source: mc_lens

#22 Deer Family Came To Visit

Image source: MRairden

#23 Norwegian Elk Having Fun

Image source: NOnotinthere

#24 Moose Visiting My Dad’s Garden

Image source: DudeHeadAwesome, DudeHeadAwesome

#25 This Sad Raccoon At My Back Door At 2:00 Am, He Was Looking For My Cat Who Wasn’t Home

Image source: FeeValuable22

#26 A Cheeky Little Visitor Is Affectionately Known As “Bill The Possum” Popped In To Say Hello To Our Mechatronics Students In The ES Building

Image source: DarthTheJediv, University of Newcastle Engineering

#27 Hummingbird Family Made A Nest In A Pair Of Hanging Pool Goggles

Image source: reddit.com

#28 A Nice Wren Couple Moved Into A Hiking Boot In My Parents’ Garage, And Today Their Family Grew By 5

Image source: sarahaflijk

#29 My Daughter Met A Fox Today

Image source: northernCan81

#30 This Wild Magpie And I Have Become Good Friends

Image source: beckymooings

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