40 Funny Wildlife Photos That Would Technically Be Called A Fail

Published 6 months ago

We often admire beautiful shots of animals in photography competitions or nature documentaries. But have you ever wondered about what may go on behind the scenes?

Today we’ve compiled a list of photographs shared by animal photographers on the Facebook page, ‘Crap wildlife photography, that could easily be submitted to the comedy category. From a hilarious shot of a squirrel caught napping on its back to an eagle that lost its balance on a tree branch mid-landing, these hilarious shots are perfectly ill-timed to accidentally give the maximum comedy effect. 

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#1 This Little Guy Takes A Nap In The Same Spot Every, Single Day (And In Another Tree But He Loves This Nook)

Image source: Mirgun Akyavas

since it’s been 100 f degrees..And it’s been 100f for about 2 months here in Austin with no rain. I have plenty of water around the yard.He’s really enjoying his nap! Siesta time!

#2 I Got Lucky Enough To See The Rare Northern California Sea Potato! Butter And Chives Not Included

Image source: Nikki Wolf

#3 The Majestic Sea Lion Slumbers

Image source: Anna Smitten

#4 I Wanted A Dive But He Just Wanted To Hang Out

Image source: Adam Maniam

This fella lost his balance upon landing and ended up upside down. He stayed like this for a good 3 minutes (probably from shock / embarrassment) before pulling himself up and perching normally

#5 My House. Not My Cat

Image source: Dawn Eyestone

#6 This Bee Comes By My Brother’s Ring Doorbell Every Day

Image source: Cathi Davis

#7 My Daughter Just Sent This From Her Vacation. It’s Been Unbearably Hot! She Deserves A Break. She Has Three Babies

Image source: Charlotte Smith Schaefers

#8 When A Deer Ran By And I Still Caught It On Camera… Well Most Of It

Image source: Angie Reynolds Photography

#9 Well That’s A Neat Trick

Image source: Amanda Geahry

#10 This Buck Was Having A Bad Hair Day

Image source: Nick Yezek

#11 Behold The Fabulous Pileated Woodpecker!

Image source: Hazel Bakker

#12 When Panoramic Goes Pano-Wrong

Image source: Jenny Garland Gray

#13 I Was Trying To Take A Photo Of An Adorable Jackrabbit, But It Got Possessed And Stood Up On Its Legs Like A Demon. Yes, I Went The Other Way

Image source: Rainey Miller

#14 No Bird Flies As Gracefully As A Sandhill Crane!

Image source: Paige MacKenzie

#15 Please Enjoy This Exquisite Photo Of Bridger Butte. It Could Have Been Much Better But These Ridiculous Wild Stallions Fighting Got In The Way

Image source: Kristin Sarkar

#16 I Got Mooned By A Peacock

Image source: Jenny Morris

#17 In My Yard At The Same Time!

Image source: Melissa Winkle

#18 Last Year On A Hot Summer Day I Took My Hiking Boots Off Because My Feet Were Getting All Sweaty While Trying To Photograph Wild Foxes

Image source: Izzy Edwards

Not even an hour later the female fox had approached my boots and was sniffing them, before I could react she took off with my left hiker!

Here’s an award winning still from the video I took while running after her. She let me chase her for a minute or so before eventually surrendering the boot

#19 When You Think You’re Gonna Get A Great Photo But They Use You To Check Out Their Hair Instead

Image source: Rachel Way Howard

#20 Clearly Underestimated The Size Of His Backside When Planning His Getaway

Image source: Kara Smidt

#21 I Was Trying To Get The Graceful Landing Of A Barred Owl. Instead I Got A Drunken Pole Dancer. The Third Eyelid Being Closed Was The Icing On The Cake

Image source: Kelly Umberger

#22 I Was Trying To Get A Nice Picture Of Them All Lined Up On The Log…

Image source: Taryn Venable

#23 Things I Never Expected To See In A Tree: Groundhogs

Image source: Sara Hoover

#24 That Time I Was So Excited To See My First Wild Weasel (I’m An Avid Wildlife Photographer)… And Just As He Got Somewhat Close Enough, He Turned, Ran, And Gave Me Nuthin’ But Nuts

Image source: Izzy Edwards

#25 And Jean Was Never Seen Again. Authorities Suspect Fowl Play

Image source: Jenny Gray Hough

#26 Almost A Cool Picture Of A Great Egret Catching A Fish, But A Bug Got In The Way

Image source: Robert Otto

#27 Screenshot From A Video I Took Yesterday! I Had A Praying Mantis On My Hand, Then It Flew Up And Landed On My Phone And Chaos Ensued. But I Cannot Get Over This Face

Image source: Sara Hemenway

#28 I Swear They Didn’t Seem This Big On The Course

Image source: Mark Griffin

#29 My First Post Here

Image source: Alicia Allen

#30 Oregon Is Beautiful

Image source: Rachel Heffington Pross

#31 Been A While Since We’ve Shared One Of Our Majestic Eagle Pictures Here. Having An Eagle Nest In Our Pasture, We Take A Lot Of *good* Eagle Pictures. Here Is A Recent One!

Image source: Diana Holbrook

#32 This Mountain Lion Came Out Of The Bushes And Was Blocking The Trail Way Ahead Of Me

Image source: Brooke Edwards

I snapped a quick picture with my 600mm zoom and then yelled at my dog for us to go! Once I was around the bend and out of sight I ran all the way back to the car, about half a mile. When I was safe and sound, I checked the camera to see if I had a good picture of it….I ran from a fox. And I didn’t even get a decent picture of it

#33 I Finally Found The Perfect Place For This Beautiful Photo

Image source: Lisa Kaufman

While vacationing in the Colorado Rockies, late at night driving down the road to our cabin:
Husband: ”OH MY… A Mountain Lion!!! Get the camera, GET THE CAMERA!!!”
Me: fumbling to get the camera and quickly snapping a pic before the mountain Lion is gone.
Husband: ”Did you get it, did you get it?”
Me: “Well, um… kind of”
I swear this is a mountain lion. The only one I’ve ever seen in my life, and the only picture I have to prove it.

#34 I’ve Been Trying To Get Them To Use This Thing For Weeks. Victory Is Mine!!!

Image source: Ash Enolaemevael

#35 Effortless

Image source: Courtney Cole

#36 When You’ve Been Parked For 1 Hour And 59 Minutes And The Parking Inspector Is Getting Ready

Image source: Claire Malcolm

#37 Psycho Owl

Image source: Michael Rønde

#38 Such A Majestic Creature

Image source: Bill Whaley

#39 Very Good Shot Of A Cardinal

Image source: Alex Lupo

#40 Merp

Image source: Brad Imhoff

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