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This Wine Glass Allows You To Down The Whole Bottle In Style

Published 7 years ago

Ok, so you’ve got that bottle of wine you love so much but you’re running out of patience while waiting for the waiter to set up a table for you? You’re in luck because now there’s a new type of wine glass that you simply jam into the bottle to start enjoying your drink right away.

It’s called the Guzzle Buddy and it helps you to sip your drink easier (not to mention classier), but it also makes it harder to spill. A feature that will make it easier for your carpet to keep the intended color.

You can get one on Amazon for $14.49, which might seem steep until you consider that sharing your wine might become a thing of the past with this thing attached.

(h/t: dailymail, boredpanda)

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Watch it being advertised:

You can get one on Amazon.


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