Wine gadgets you never knew you needed

Published 8 years ago

Every wine connoisseur should know there is much more to wine tasting than just picking the brand. There are nifty little inventions which will make your whole wine drinking experience much better. Creative stoppers, handy corkscrews and extraordinary wine racks will make you want to get them as soon as possible. Cheers to that!

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Become sentimental by choosing a cork board kit

Forget about getting rid of corks you don’t think you need anymore. Save the corks from every wine bottle you drink and make something everybody will absolutely love. Go for a cork board kit you can use to pin your favourite photos or notes. It can be an excellent gift, too. You just have to collect 128 corks and you’re be good to go.

Wine should be more portable

If you don’t like carrying bottles of wine around and you are afraid you might break them, you should opt for portable wine containers. Everyone is mad about these handy gadgets which hold the entire bottle. Just grab some wine from your nearest bottle shop. Wine time, anyone?

Check out glass markers

Those of you who feel like getting a bit more personal should choose glass markers. This will be great for a night at home with friends when you are likely to mistake somebody’s glass for yours. What’s more, this is an excellent present for someone who is super neat and is afraid of picking somebody else’s glass. Not only can you write your name on the glass and easily clean it afterwards, but you can write whatever you like and make the whole wine drinking experience more exciting.

It’s finally here – red wine stain remover

Everybody who is keen on wine has experienced those unpleasant moments when their clothes get stained by their favourite drink. Luckily enough, with stain removers, you can relax even while drinking red wine. Use them if you just want to enjoy yourself and not worry about consequences.

Wine protection system which alerts you

There is an app which can help you protect your wine cellar. The alarm goes off if the door is open or if the temperature inside has changed. You are unlikely to find anything better to keep your children or visitors from looking into the cellar.

Carry wine glasses like a pro

You can get a stem glass tray with holes where you can place wine glasses. There’s even an extra hole for your finger. It’s perfect for all the clumsy people who don’t feel like getting embarrassed while hosting a party.

Chill your wine

sprinkled with icy water. You can even adjust the time and set extra cooling if you need it. It automatically turns off, so do not worry about your wine getting too cold to drink.

Enhance your wine drinking experience with unsurpassed wine gadgets which will make your life easier. You can have a gadget which cools your wine bottles quickly, wine cellar alerts, glass markers to boost your party atmosphere, portable wine – you name it. Just find your perfect new gadget, grab a bottle of wine and enjoy yourself!

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