AAP Magazine Announced Its Winners For “Portrait Photography Contest” And Here Are 20 Of The Best

Published 3 weeks ago

AAP Magazine has just announced the winners of its big Portrait Photography Competition! Out of a ton of entries from around the world, these 25 awesome photographers have really nailed capturing their subjects in portraits.

Portrait photography is super powerful—it’s all about showing the real depth and diversity of human life. This year’s winning photos go beyond just faces; they tell incredible stories, show intense emotions, and capture moments that really hit you. The winning photos range from personal and candid shots to perfectly set-up studio portraits. Each one shows off a different style and technique, but they all celebrate the amazing beauty of people and what makes us who we are.

More info: all-about-photo.com

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#1 “Motherhood” From The Series “Bédik Country”

Image source: mailysderville

Photo by Maïlys Derville.

#2 “Lucy In Teal” From The Series “Revisiting Beauty”

Image source: alinesmithson

Photo by Aline Smithson.

#3 “Raquel Brown” From The Series “Smelt”

Image source: disselfoto

Photo by Rene Dissel.

#4 “Those Two Blue Eyes Light Your Face,” Finland From The Series “A Dog Day Afternoon”

Image source: manuelbesseofficial

Photo by Manuel Besse.

#5 Northern Syria, Kobani Canton, May 2016: Portrait Of A Kurdish Fighter

Image source: maryamashrafi

Photo by Maryam Ashrafi.

#6 “Reverie #4” From The Series “Reverie”

Image source: fabro_diego

Photo by Diego Fabro.

#7 “Fran” From The Series “Portrait Complexities: Dismantling The False Body Positivity Narrative”

Image source: allystudios

Photo by Allison Martinek.

#8 “Shibuya Crossing”

Image source: annabiret

Photo by Anna Biret.

#9 “I Am Starving!”

Image source: yk_street_photography

Photo by Yukio Kumada.

#10 “Diana” From The Series “Stolen Spring”

Image source: grom_alena

Photo by Alena Grom.

#11 “Miley”, Galway, Ireland 2023 From The Series “Mincéirs”

Image source: jpbevillard_colour

Photo by Joseph-Philippe Bevillard.

#12 “Voukko” From The Series “People To Whom I Invited Myself”

Image source: martinaholmberg

Photo by Martina Holmberg.

#13 “Anna”

Image source: eva_chupikova

Photo by Eva Chupikova.

#14 District Of Vinh Linh, Vietnam: Phūng Thê Que, 31 Years Old, She Is A Patient With Down Syndrome, A Victim Of Agent Orange Pollution. Her Father, Phūng Thê Tram Fought For North Vietnam

Image source: erberto.zani

Photo by Erberto Zani.

#15 “Piercing Glance” From The Series “Eyes Of The City”

Image source: hwilliamsjrphoto

Photo by Harry Williams.

#16 “Mary” From The Series “Miss Subways Reunion 2024”

Image source: lassman_lenswork

Photo by Prescott Lassman.

#17 Untitled From The Series “The Journey”

Image source: images_in_the_shadows

Photo by Alex Lobo.

#18 “The Moose Tamer”

Image source: andreasxkanell

Photo by Andreas Kanellopoulos.

#19 “Anonymous Women”

Image source: manuelathames

Photo by Manuela Thames.

#20 “Soulful Bond” From The Series “People In Japan”

Image source: roberta.dallalba

Photo by Roberta Dall’Alba.

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