30 Uplifting Stories Of Women Supporting Other Women

Published 7 months ago

Women helping women is a trend we love to see more of and encourage as much as we can. There was a time when it seemed that women hating on women was promoted as the norm but thankfully with more access to information and a heightened sense of self-awareness, women have broken past that archaic way of thinking into a more modern mindset that is incredibly supportive and uplifting instead. 

This trend is still catching on and recently female Redditors got together to share their own experiences where they have unexpectedly been assisted by an unknown woman in a selfless act when they needed it most but didn’t necessarily even get to thank their supporter or even acknowledge the positive impact it made on their lives. But according to these stories, it certainly was seen and felt, so if you see a woman in need, don’t hesitate to help because it could make a world of difference to their life. 

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Image source: Joygernaut, Cedric Fauntleroy / pexels (not the actual photo)

I’m a nurse and I work in a unit that is almost exclusively female staff. One of our coworkers, it turns out was in an abusive relationship and needed to flee with her children, and was worried because she didn’t feel safe, she didn’t have any extra money, or a place to stay. The rest of the staff.(and there are eight of us total including this particular nurse)got a fund together, and moved her and her children out of her house, and into one of our coworkers family, Summer cabin (a near by lake). We made all of this happened in 48 hours.

She lived there rent free with her kids for a couple of months while she got her self together and then got her own place with her kids. When women been together to help other women, they are unstoppable.

#2 Older guy asking two younger woman inappropriate questions in the supermarket, they looked very uncomfortable but not wanting to be rude.
Random older woman pushed her trolley between them and collected items, making sure the girls could walk away easily

Image source: gjiuyffsfhjlgdw, Jack Sparrow / pexels (not the actual photo)

#3 Goth club all ages night. I was 18. I had an at least 40yo dude creeping up on me, constantly trying to get my number. Three goth ladies 25-40 came up and basically adopted me for a bit. He got right the f**k out of dodge. I am now the Elder Goth that does the same. I’d describe these ladies as Mother, Maiden, and Will-Eat-Your-Soul. Lovely, gorgeous women.

Image source: GloInTheDarkUnicorn, Ezra C / pexels (not the actual photo)

#4 One time in a bar, a girl I didn’t know approached me and asked for a tampon. I told her I didn’t have any and in fact, was kind of in the same situation as her. She looked me straight in the eyes and promised me she’d find tampons for both of us. She actually came back about 10 minutes later and handed me a tampon.

Image source: thefastleen, Karolina Grabowska / pexels (not the actual photo)

#5 How when a drunk guy on transit tried to harass a teen and four of us called out to her saying something along the lines of “oh my gosh is that you?? i havent seen you in ages!! come sit with me!!”

Image source: alldemboats, Charles / pexels (not the actual photo)

#6 This might be cheating a little because technically I participated. But once on a wine trip with some friends we decided to go get tattooed together. (Super small, not matching. Just we all got tattoos at the same time.)

While we were there a little girl, probably about 6 or 7, came in to get her ears pierced while we were waiting. It was her choice and she was super excited, but clearly nervous. We hyped her up and told her she’d be fine. She went back, got them pierced, and we could hear her start to cry a little.

As soon as she walked out we all lost our minds and immediately started praising her. “OH MY GOD, YOU LOOK AMAZING.” etc.

Her smile is forever in my brain. She immediately lit up the whole building. So excited to have hit this milestone and be a big girl.

Image source: Dancing_Trash_Panda

#7 My period leaked through my beige shorts in high school and I had no idea. A girl ran up to me and wrapped her sweatshirt around my waist and never asked for the sweatshirt back. This was 15 years ago and I still think about what a kind gesture that was

Image source: Snoo_29348, Darina Belonogova / pexels (not the actual photo)

#8 I went to a concert alone for the first time this year at 18 and in the queue I was surrounded by groups of guys who kept checking me out. It made me really nervous (I honestly thought about just leaving) but then this girl came over to say I looked lonely and asked if I wanted to join their group. Ended up having an amazing time with them all and they made me feel a lot safer.

Image source: FinalGirl678, Wendy Wei / pexels (not the actual photo)


Image source: agent-assbutt, cottonbro studio / pexels (not the actual photo)

A girl ran into a packed women’s room at a bar crying and drunk and said her ex was there following her around being awful and her phone was dead. One girl let her borrow a phone so she could call her roomie for a ride, another girl alerted a bouncer and the bartender to the creep (who literally was waiting OUTSIDE THE BATHROOM and blocking others from getting in!), and me and another girl texted our bfs to get the dude away from the door. Once he was gone and the roomie was close, we surrounded her in a girl barrier and took her outside to her ride. The ex was creeping around outside and smoking and watching in disdain as she left. This was a collective of five girls (including her roommate) and two bfs helping one girl avoid a creepy ex at a bar and it was beautiful. Women’s room solidarity and safety is honestly a real thing and one reason it’s a place I feel safe in even the shadiest of bars.


Image source: Honkhonk81, Maor Attias / pexels (not the actual photo)

I have Tourette’s Syndrome. Me and my friend were having drinks together at a bar. We had just both ordered a shot to take together, but my tics started acting up and I lost control of my hands and couldn’t hold the glass without potentially throwing it at someone. I tried a couple times, but had to put it down. So my friend was like, “want me to just pour this shot in your mouth for you?” And I said yes and she fed me the shot of tequila. It was so funny and it actually made me feel less self conscious about my Tourette’s. We must have looked insane but I felt very cared for in that moment and was laughing my a*s off


Image source: dharmoniedeux, RF._.studio / pexels (not the actual photo)

I’m often a solo female traveler, camper, road trip long hauler. OFTEN. Growing up, I had mostly female bullies and antagonists. I’ve got some wonderful BFFs in other women, but I’m as wary of women as I am of men because of my bad experiences with bullies.

But traveling alone has really changed that.

It’s a wonderful little club. Women who were traveling in groups or with their partners/husbands/families would go out of their way to check in on me. Establish friendly conversation, share a meadow report, and get enough of a rapport that it was clearly implied that we could ask each other for help if we needed to. Female Park rangers who did solo travel would make sure I knew how to find the women on duty in the host camps if I needed them.

When i was hiking on my road trip, it was so unexpected. Every woman who saw me was amicable and friendly. While every other solo woman traveler was immediately my ally. I’ve never really experienced camaraderie like that before. It was drunk girl in bar bathroom energy, but the slow, steady, sturdy version of it. It was transformative.

#12 When I was 16 I lived in the downtown area of my city. I would regularly walk down to the closest 7-11 to get snacks at odd hours of the night. There were several creepy instances I can recall, but this one fits the prompt.

As I walked into the store, a guy was leaning out the window of his car trying to talk to me. I pass by him without engaging him. As I’m waiting in line at the checkout, a woman comes back into the store, after she had previously left, and asked me, clearly, “You drove here, right?”

I was confused, and she pressed, “do you have a car?”
I said I didn’t, and she continued to tell me that the guy parked out front had been watching me, and had moved his car to park behind some bushes, and was waiting for me to leave. She offered me a ride and I (stupidly) refused. I took a different route home, though, while face timing a friend. She was a stranger to me, but she looked out for me, and protected me from something that could have been terrible.

Image source: Dizzy_Tension_3545


Image source: OlderAndTired, Pavel Danilyuk / pexels (not the actual photo)

I was going through airport security in LA some years back when the button holding the strap of my dress in place just randomly popped off, causing my dress top to just fall and expose my bra/chest to a very crowded area. Within SECONDS, women from all around surrounded me, lifted my dress, located a safety pin, had me pinned back in place…and another woman walked to a store inside the security side to locate a travel sewing kit for me. I realized that I do it, too. Women keep an eye on other women, especially those who are alone, and we are ready to assist immediately.
This was a very superficial example, but it renewed my faith in other women to remember (and experience) that we look out for one another.


Image source: disjointed_chameleon, Michelle Leman / pexels (not the actual photo)

Holiday dinner a few years ago. Excused myself from the table to use the restroom. While I’m tinkling, I hear wretching and vomiting in the adjacent stall. My heart sank. Been there, done that, thanks to years of chemotherapy.

Finished up, exited my stall, and washed my hands. But I didn’t feel quite ready to leave the bathroom. Something in me just kept tugging at me, saying: *stay.* And so I did.

The lady emerges from her stall. She apologizes for the vomiting. I reassure her it’s no problem at all, I know how it is! As she’s about to wash her hands, another heave of nausea washes over her. I know this because *I’ve been there*. I’ve experienced those same heaves of nausea myself.

I immediately and swiftly (but gently) pushed her back into the bathroom stall, and held what little hair she had left while she heaved and vomited into the toilet. Rubbed her back, and held her forehead. She turned around and asked: *how did you know?*

*I’ve got you, sis. I know. I’ve been there.*

She finished puking, and I helped her freshen up. We exited the bathroom, arm in arm, and walked back out to the dining area. Her table was near mine. Before we parted ways, we hugged. Never even got her name, but in that moment, we were kindred spirits and practically sisters.

#15 My daughter (13) just wrapped up 8 performances of a local community theater production for which she was the lead. Her bestie attended at least 3 of the shows and during curtain call each time she stood up and screamed “woohoo that’s my bestie!!!!Way to go!!!” I told my daughter having a hype girl on your side is an irreplaceable gift.

Image source: wally265, Hayley Murray / unsplash (not the actual photo)


Image source: queenie_sabrina, Kelli McClintock / unsplash (not the actual photo)

My online mom group. It started 25 years ago as a text-only message board where new mothers talked about raising our babies and work/life balance. Members have come and gone, but we are still a core group of about 50 women, now supporting each other through caring for elderly parents, cancer, divorce, deaths, job loss, etc. and celebrating the good things in life. Those babies we raised are getting married, having their own babies, getting PhDs, and running the world. I didn’t have a great local group of mom friends, so my online group filled the gap.


I had a pregnant client timidly ask if I could reverse a portion of her recent monthly charge- it was something like $10- because she was a little short and could really use the help. I told her to let me take a look and I’d see what I could do. Went through her history a ways, and decided that she really should have had a different type of account, and credited her back $100 or something. I told her that I’d gone ahead and reversed some past fees, and showed her the new balance. She looked at me and was like, are you serious?? and just started bawling her eyes out, then I started crying, and now I’m crying again thinking about it lol

Image source: buttercuppy86

#18 My mom was being late to pick me up from a place being stuck in traffic jam. It was getting dark and there was almost nobody near me. A girl older than me stayed with me till my mom came. We talked meanwhile. God bless her

Image source: broccolicares, Mizuno K / pexels (not the actual photo)


Image source: that_somebody20, cottonbro studio / pexels (not the actual photo)

I was 16 years old, recently diagnosed with EDD (emotional dysregulation disorder) and attending a class. During one of these classes (I believe it was a month or so long) I was very quiet (I was usually really chatty) because I was having a bad day. One of the girls wrote me note saying “Stay safe, next week will be better” and slipped it on my desk after the class. I ended up crying because she didn’t know at the time I was suicidal. I have that note taped to my cabinet in my room.

#20 Recently I got ran off the highway into the median by a guy in a pickup truck. The lady behind me pulled over to ask if I was ok and stayed with me until the cops came. I was *extremely* grateful because the guy lied to the cops and said I hit him, but she vouched for me.

Image source: Asti_WhiteWhiskers, westend61 / envato (not the actual photo)


Image source: drowsymf, Tima Miroshnichenko / pexels (not the actual photo)

Mine is when I called my child’s pediatrician to change my address after I filed for divorce and we had to move to my parents. After the receptionist got me all sorted she said “I’m going to get a little personal with you here, but I just wanted to say that you’ll start to feel better soon. Sooner than you’d think. It could also be a year from now but you will feel better than you did before. You just keep doing what you’re doing and look after yourself and that child and you’ll be great”. And said she had been there and knew what it was like. Oh lord it took all I had not to just sob and sob. I’ll never forget you Sherry!!
I’m gonna save this thread for anytime someone’s dusty son makes me think I don’t like being a woman

#22 Anytime I’ve ever been in a bathroom at a bar. Everyone is your best friend. I love it.

Image source: yourshaddow3, RDNE Stock project / pexels (not the actual photo)

#23 This is just in my very personal experience, but I was in a s****y abusive relationship where I had been shouted at, shoved, hit, etc in front of people. The last time it happened, we were in the driveway of my house when he hit me and my (male) roommate’s girlfriend opened the front door and screamed at him that she had called the cops and to get the f**k out of there. It allowed me to leave for good, and I’ll be forever grateful to her for calling him out.

Image source: -ghostless

#24 My first job I worked at an amusement park and the locker room was huge. we were all young around 15 or 14 and a girl was crying about being dumped. a busy locker room turned into a huddled hugging and counseling session. It was so wholesome looking back as most of us didn’t know each other.

Image source: curlyswirlss, Liza Summer / pexels (not the actual photo)


Image source: flightlesstrout, averie woodard / unsplash (not the actual photo)

One time I was road tripping with some friends, my crush, and one of my friends new gf. I had never met her before, but she must have been able to quickly tell I had a crush on one of the guys in the car despite me trying to be as subtle as possible.

Well I got incredibly car sick on the first day and once we got to our hotel for the night I completely destroyed the bathroom. The guys had all went grocery shopping while me, my friend, the new gf all stayed back. I was extremely embarrassed because we were all sharing the space and the most horrifying thing when you’re 19 is the guy you’re crushing knowing you poop.

Before I even open the door completely, new gf handed me pepto bismol and some Advil and asked if I needed anything else. It was really sweet of her but there was no spray and nothing was going to fix that bathroom in time before my crush got back (I didn’t tell her that of course).

I was laying down once my crush got back, and they all walked in and immediately started acting obnoxious. Before they could even finish their words, new gf told them how sick she got on the ride and how sorry she was. I legit almost cried happy tears.

They made fun of her the rest of the time and it never phased her. To this day it was the greatest act of solidarity I’ve ever seen. I did totally hook up with my crush that trip, but most importantly that new gf was the maid of honor at our wedding!


Image source: wednesdayaddamn, National Cancer Institute / unsplash (not the actual photo)

My nanny (grandmother) worked in a family planning clinic when she was younger. Once, a woman came in with a ton of children in tow, an abusive husband, and an IUD. The husband demanded that the clinic take out his wife’s IUD. My nanny took the woman back to the exam room alone, where the woman, in broken English, explained that they couldn’t take out the IUD, that she couldn’t have any more children with this man, and that he was abusive. My nanny didn’t, and told the husband she did. She’s a hero to me.


Image source: heidismiles, ArtHouse Studio / pexels (not the actual photo)

This is just a silly recent example that came to mind. I was sitting outside a Starbucks and there was a group of tween girls hanging around. They started playing “Truth or Dare,” and they dared one girl to sing out loud. She did, and the others were just like “Wow that was actually really good, Ashley!”

Then, they dared each other to “go compliment a stranger.” One girl came up to me and said she liked my phone case, lol.

I just thought it was all very wholesome and cute.

#28 When I was in primary school we were playing tunnel-ball and the girl in front of me had a little red stain on her pants. I quietly switched spots with another girl and let her know that the girl in front of me had a spot on her pants – “can you tell her” (I was not comfortable in bringing it up with the girl). She then took off her sweater and gave it to her to wrap around her waist and they went off to the bathroom.

As a dude, I am pretty proud of my younger self for handling that in a discrete and mature manner. But the way her friend just went into “girls supporting girls” mode will always stick in my mind. Total respect.

Image source: MehhicoPerth

#29 I have a distinct memory… New Year’s Eve in Seoul Korea. My cousin had a few too many tequila shots and we ended up both in the bathroom stall… I was trying to hold her hair back while she was heaving over the toilet. In all the commotion i must have forgotten to lock the door and I kept saying “omg your hair!!!” Randomly an arm pops in with one single black hair elastic. Immediately grabbed it and yelled “thank you!!”

Never did see who gave us the hair elastic.. but felt so proud to be a girl in that moment, I dunno why. Lol… looking back now, must have been the booze that got me all sentimental over a frickin hair elastic.

Image source: RealCanadianSW

#30 One time I was in a really dark and depressive place, so I kind of isolated myself from everyone. Without even telling my friends what was going on, they could sense I was having a hard time, and they left a bottle of wine, flowers, crystals and an individual note from each of them about how much they love me. Makes me tear up while writing this and I’ll still reread those notes when I’m feeling down.

Image source: Lopsided-Gear1460, Ben Blennerhassett / unsplash (not the actual photo

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