20 Winning Images Of AAP Magazine That Captured The Beauty Of Women Around The World

Published 2 months ago

AAP Magazine is thrilled to unveil the outcomes of its most recent release, AAP Magazine 38 Women, an exuberant homage to the invaluable contributions of women in the realm of photography. Seamlessly intertwining historical retrospection with contemporary perspectives, this edition delves into the myriad roles women undertake as both creators and subjects, transcending conventional boundaries and reshaping narratives.

Check out some of the amazing photos selected for this year in the gallery below.

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#1 “Bo And Her Kids, Almere Oosterwold, The Netherlands” From The Series “Women Of Oosterwold” By Victoria Ushkanova

Image source: AAP Magazine

“Coming from both Dutch and Indonesian roots, I feel I never really ‘fit in’ because my blood has different cultures. Living in a yurt, intertwined with all the Elements, me and my children are rooting into the clay in Oosterwold. It is fascinating how connected I feel with this special place.”

#2 “I’m Enough” From The Series “Women” By Izabella Sapuła

Image source: AAP Magazine

“From an early age, we are looking for confirmation of our own existence. Therefore, we try to fit into the canons of beauty, promoted standards, preferences, and values ​​- interestingly, so different for different eras. Today’s canons of beauty in the Baroque period would have been a reason for exclusion, and interestingly, they may be a reason for exclusion today, but in non-European cultures. Chasing what the media dictates, we forget who we really are. It’s like we need a mirror to look at ourselves in, but the trap is that the mirror often turns out to be a crooked mirror. Therefore, the more we try to be someone else than we are, to squeeze into an alien body, the more we feel a sense of inadequacy. Paradoxically, efforts that are supposed to bring us closer to others distance us from them and deepen our sense of loneliness. However, there comes a moment – not for everyone, but for those who are ready for it – when you discover that the quality of your life is fully correlated with the truth you carry within you. And then it will be possible to find the fullest, happiest, and truest version of yourself. It doesn’t matter what era we were born in, it doesn’t matter what others say.”

#3 “Madame Pem Thimphu, Bhutan” From The Series “Women Of A Certain Age” By Ron Cooper

Image source: AAP Magazine

“Elderly women are so often overlooked as portrait subjects. What many see as outward signs of aging — lines, wrinkles, and other infirmities — I see as character, wisdom, dignity, experience, and humanity. When I approach elderly subjects to introduce myself and to ask for the opportunity to make their portrait, I’m often met with surprise: Why would you want to photograph me? Just one look at these amazing faces, and you know the answer!”

#4 “Sea Gypsy Woman” From The Series “Bajau Woman Life” By Fira Kwan

Image source: AAP Magazine

“This photo was taken at Bajau Sea Gypsies Village, which is located in the Semporna Island district of Sabah, Malaysia. The Bajau, often known as the Sea Gypsies people or Sea Nomads are a semi Nomadic ethnic group. They lived on houseboats or stilt houses near coastal areas, making a living through fishing and other maritime activities.”

#5 “Kaleesi” From The Series “People From Kalash” By Nicola Ducati

Image source: AAP Magazine

“While traveling the very narrow road that leads to the remote valley of the Kalash, the enigmatic elegance of these people who live isolated on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is revealed to us. You immerse yourself in a rural world in a real enclave where animist traditions and beliefs intertwine with the charm of a forgotten lifestyle. Like a guardian of memory, this old woman has always lived in her land dug by mountain rivers. Her eyes and her expression tell us a story that enchants and fascinates, written and carved on her face by the years, events and long winters.”

#6 “Breakfast In The Hut” From The Series “Faces Of Ethiopia” By Thibault Gerbaldi

Image source: AAP Magazine

“In a distant Ethiopian village without electricity, life unfolds under the natural light that guides daily activities, emphasizing a culture where life, work, and socializing predominantly occur between sunrise and sunset. Early in the morning, we shared breakfast with a local family. I was captivated by how the light entering the hut through a distinctive opening to the outside world illuminated the face of this beautiful Ethiopian woman.”

#7 “Proud Armenian Woman” From The Series “The Nobility Of Old Age” By Hana Pešková

Image source: AAP Magazine

“I took this portrait of a woman while traveling in the Armenian countryside, proud and hardworking people live here. This elderly woman fascinated me with her life and amazing vitality. There was nobility and reconciliation in her eyes. Look also into an old woman’s eyes and you will see peace and serenity.”

#8 “Nadjundi” By Joaquin Gomez Sastre

Image source: AAP Magazine

“During a trip to report with an NGO of Spanish doctors to perform different operations in the northern area of Togo (Africa), I found this mother lying on the floor in a maternity clinic breastfeeding her little son in the town of Nadjundi and I was impressed by the strength and dignity of his gaze as well as his tranquility, so I decided to include this image in the final selection of the report.”

#9 “The World Away” By Giandomenico Veneziani

Image source: AAP Magazine

“The World Away is a photographic project with a cinematic style oriented towards the science fiction genre. Through a succession of images in sequence, we want to visually tell the story of our main character who, for some reason, finds himself catapulted to Earth, deserted, inhospitable, and hostile. He has a very specific purpose, which is to find a source of lost energy, contained in a casket that centuries earlier had been sent to Earth so that the inhabitants could benefit and use it not only as a source of energy, in fact, but as a source of aggregation and kindness towards others. Unfortunately, humans have not been able to use this energy given to them by another distant world. Our protagonist will therefore necessarily have to find her to go home and save his world. At first, he finds himself disoriented, desperate, and above all he feels alone. Luckily he manages to find the chest, put on the energy source, and finally return home to save his people and who he truly loves.”

#10 “The Birth Of Kai” By Chiara Doveri

Image source: AAP Magazine

“In my photographic project on Kai’s birth, I had the privilege of documenting a mother practicing hypnobirthing, a technique using relaxation and calming methods to manage labor pain. Her serenity during childbirth, accompanied by classical music and movements in harmony with it, deeply impressed me. This journey underscored the essence of birthing freedom, showcasing the spectrum of birthing methods. It reaffirmed my belief in every woman’s right to choose her path to childbirth, advocating for a world where birthing practices are diverse, respected, and free from judgment, emphasizing the empowering nature of informed choice in childbirth.”

#11 “Kaia” By John Martinez

Image source: AAP Magazine

“The series was created to highlight a Montréal dancer and choreographer named Kaia who kindly accepted to participate in a creative photoshoot. I find the inherent paradox related to capturing movement in photography (especially the art of dancing) very interesting. As the shoot went on, I started getting interested in the down time between Kaia’s dancing and used those moments to create a quiet and introspective atmosphere.”

#12 “Cigarette For Breakfast” From The Series “Alarm Call” By Elisa Miller

Image source: AAP Magazine

“‘As with many days, Betty begins her day by cleaning the house. She takes a cigarette break and gets lost in her thoughts.’

Alarm Call started with the book by Betty Friedan ‘The feminine mystique’ written in 1963, describing the assumptions that women would be fulfilled by their housework, marriage, sexual lives, and children. But as we know now, there is no “one size fits all” destiny for women, and Friedan wanted to prove that women were unsatisfied and could not voice their feelings. Today, despite progress, gender equality remains elusive, underscoring the continued relevance of Friedan’s message. There’s still much work to be done to dismantle the chains of social expectations and expand the possibilities of what women can achieve.

Part of my body of work The Other, my series champions the empowerment of women, envisioning a liberated future that fosters genuine self-expression and acceptance, free from outdated societal expectations. Emancipation of the self, challenging norms and reimagining futures.”

#13 “The Marilyn Wave” By Carrie Jones

Image source: AAP Magazine

“Amid the sea of blonde bombshells, you were singularly lost in the crowd, but as a group, you became part of the spectacle. More than just a fundraiser, the Marilyn Swim is a celebration of self, fearless and bold, just like the icon herself.”

#14 “La Abuela” From The Series “Strength And Perseverance” By Linda Hollinger

Image source: AAP Magazine

“My project was to travel to Mexico and South America to photograph the beauty, strength, and perseverance of the woman who where kind and openhearted and allowed me to photograph them as they went about their daily lives.”

#15 “Sʌɪlənst/ – Cut” By Aljohara Jeje

Image source: AAP Magazine

“Tais-toi et sois belle. For people with vaginas, orgasms commonly come from the clitoris, and generally not from penetration alone. Female Genital Mutilation: the most severe – infibulation – is the removal of the clitoris and parts of the external genitalia, followed by stitching together of what remains. Aljohara’s ongoing project /ˈsʌɪlənst/ boldly confronts the deafening silence surrounding Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) through her distinctive form of visual storytelling. The title, phonetically representing the word silenced (Oxford English Dictionary), serves as a poignant symbol of the silenced narratives she aims to unveil. With deliberate intent, Aljohara endeavors to challenge societal taboos, shedding light on the veiled struggles of FGM and inciting crucial dialogue through the powerful medium of visual art.

(Tais-toi et sois belle is a French expression, and is disrespectful and demeaning, particularly used towards women. Translated to English, it means Shut up and be beautiful.)”

#16 “The Flower Crowns” From The Series “Ancient Songlines” By Taralynn Disher

Image source: AAP Magazine

“The Rejang Dance, meaning offering is Bali’s most beautiful and holiest sacrificial dance to entertain the visiting ancestral gods and spirits and to bestow protection and prosperity on earth. For generations, this tradition has been passed down and practiced every six months in hopes of continuing for many years.”

#17 “Isabella And Ariana” From The Series “Escaramuza, The Poetics Of Home” By Constance Jaeggi

Image source: AAP Magazine

“Escaramuza is the sport of all-female precision horse riding teams that execute meticulous maneuvers while riding sidesaddle at high speed and wearing traditional Mexican attire. Through photographic portraiture, poetry, and in-depth interviews, Escaramuza, the Poetics of Home considers how the escaramuza tradition persists in the present-day United States, what it means for the identity of its Mexican and Mexican-American female practitioners, and how it fosters a profound sense of belonging. This work explores the roles of family, immigration, and gender dynamics within escaramuza and Charrería culture in the US, drawing historical parallels to the soldaderas who fought in the Mexican Revolution and are the inspiration for the creation of the escaramuza tradition. It is a collaboration between Photographer Constance Jaeggi and poets Ire’ne Lara Silva, 2023 Texas State Poet laureate, and Angelina Sáenz, award-winning educator and poet and UCLA writing project fellow.”

#18 “Atomic Kitchen” From The Series “Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise” By Patty Carroll

Image source: AAP Magazine

“In the series, ‘Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise,’ I am using humor, color, and consumerism as my pallette to construct various home scenes that feature a lone woman, often camouflaged in her interior. In each photograph, she is either overwhelmed by or lost in her perfect life.

My photographs are metaphors for the interior lives of women; how we substitute everyday objects, activities, and artifice and turn them into self-identity. The imaginary worlds are created in the studio for the camera, as a critique and satire of domestic perfection, an impossible, frustrating and endless endeavor.”

#19 “Anouck” From The Series “Portraits” By Susanne Middelberg

Image source: AAP Magazine

“I’m passionate about creating portraits of individuals who deeply resonate with me, regardless of their background or label. What matters most is the personal connection I share with them and the mutual willingness to truly connect. Whether it’s an actor or dancer captivating me on stage, a homeless person I encounter on the street, or someone with whom I share an unexpectedly inspiring conversation, I seek to capture their essence away from their usual surroundings. Inviting them into my studio allows me to focus solely on the individual, stripping away external distractions.

In my portraits, I strive to capture honesty and vulnerability. I believe that embracing vulnerability not only enhances our humanity but also fosters kindness and empathy in our world. When people reveal their vulnerabilities, it creates a space for others to do the same, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

What truly fascinates me is capturing the dichotomy of opposing qualities within a person simultaneously. It’s in these moments of complexity and depth that the true essence of humanity shines through.

This endeavor excites me because people are inherently complex. I hope that through my portraits, viewers can find something within themselves that resonates with the essence of the subject, sparking a deeper connection and understanding of the human experience.”

#20 1st Place: “Mandy Pink Slip” From The Series “Hidden Forest” By Lydia Panas

Image source: AAP Magazine

“The series ‘Hidden Forest’ explores the relationship between the artist, the audience, and the gaze. I investigate photographic looking as a way to understand identity, family secrets, and love. Art is a way to make sense of disorder and reveal truths.”

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