Wood Turntables Bring A Natural Vibe To Your Funky Fresh Beats

Published 9 years ago

Interiors of glass and steel are so passe. What Silvan Audio Workshop from Seattle offers are turntables made from the cross-section of a tree trunk. It’s a round wooden disk with unbroken bark supporting a glass platter, upon which you put your vinyl disk. In short, it’s a very interesting audio Oreo. The company is an outfit run by a Kent Walter and his father and they have recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to improve their tools.

It’s not like they’re working with crappy materials, though. As they write on their Kickstarter page, “The heart of each turntable is components from the legendary English audio wizards at Rega, who have made their reputation as leaders in high end, elegant, incredible sounding audio gear. The glass platter shows off the beautiful wood, but it’s also heavy for speed stability and made for precision.”. So, the turntable looks good, and works well, too. In short, it’s a very nice audiovisual experience. 

The pair already knows about Audiowood (they also make various wooden audio things, including turntables) and profess a great deal of respect for them, and hope that the market is big enough for two companies. It is a very nice message to send!

More info: Facebook | Kickstarter (h/t: mymodernmet)

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