People Wonder How These 20 Popular American Fast Food Chains Are Still Around

Published 9 months ago

No matter how many times we hear that fast food isn’t healthy or some such trope, it doesn’t seem to deter us from gracing the halls of these establishments. Worse is that there are a few particularly popular franchises that keep drawing us in again and again despite their decline in food quality and quantity amongst so many other factors. 

Indeed, there is no pleasing everyone, but these particular food chains have made a habit of making their errors a regularity to the point that it’s almost a common running joke. Redditor u/Eris3344 got curious about what chain restaurants in the United States fall into this category and asked folks to share their opinions on the topic, from which we’ve shared the most popular responses received, in the gallery below. 

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Subway. Still lost about how they stay in business. The quality keeps dropping, the prices keep rising, the deals are shrinking, and their market share is being cannibalized over the last decade or so by places that offer a superior offering at less or just slightly more. I can walk in and get a Jersey Mikes sub for 10 bucks and it’s miles better than anything subway can spit out.

Image source: radiantpenguin991, CHICHI7YT


Panera is on the list too.



Panera costs more than a regular sit down. Totally ridiculous.

Image source: TheMillenniaIFalcon, Dave Stone


Burger King – awesome when I was a teenager, sucks now. I dunno, the food quality has gone too downhill for me.

Image source: dayofthedead204, wikimedia


I’m definitely going to get hate for this but Panda Express.

The food is mediocre at best but I will give them the benefit that you can’t find a larger portion of food for ~$10 anywhere else. However the real reason I say it is the worst is because due to how popular and widespread they are, it’s given a lot of people in less culturally diverse sectors the idea that all Chinese food is a cheap and greasy struggle meal. I am of East Asian descent and I’ve learned to stop suggesting Chinese food as a first date when meeting a non-Asian girl because I usually get hit with something like “What like Panda Express? Can we go somewhere better?” ??‍♂️

Image source: avg_bleach_enjoyer


I was excited to try Taco Bell when they launched in the UK a couple of years ago. What the hell America, it’s literally warm lettuce in an unflavoured Dorito.

Image source: jolloholoday, Anthony92931


They all suck, but Pizza Hut has to be the one that fell the farthest.



I’ve always believed there is money to be made on nostalgia. Pizza Hut executives are letting this demographic slip away. You think they’d offer a once-a-year special to satisfy us old-timers.

Of course, in addition to my 80’s pizza, I’d want a few games sitting down at a cocktail arcade machine…

Image source: SpaceGoonie, Aaron F. Stone


Hate me if you want, but I can’t stand Olive Garden. Their menu is just too limited and their food has no inspiration.



Why would anyone hate you for stating straight-up facts? Olive Garden can’t even cook pasta correctly.

Image source: BackInTheRealWorld


TGIFriday’s. Between TGIF, Applebee’s, and Chili’s (all essentially the same place) TGIF is the absolute worst. I doubt they even have fryers or ovens/grills in the kitchen – wouldn’t be surprised to just see 10 microwaves lined up.

Image source: OGpizza, Americasroof


I’m convinced Applebee’s isn’t a real restaurant. Just a front for repurposed takeout from neighboring restaurants.



I’m convinced their kitchen is comprised entirely of microwaves.

Image source: Olclops, Mike Mozart


McDonald’s, they treat their workers like s**t, they get paid to be abused by coworkers, customers, owners, and truck drivers. Get injured? too bad! That’s a you problem! Get back to work!! You can’t even make enough to SURVIVE food is s**t, overpriced, and I’d rather eat my own s**t over mcs**t. You have a family member dying? Oh well we need you to come in cus our best Boi Mc. Never does anything wrong needs a month off cus he “earned it” aka siting on his a*s doing nothing while you cook, clean, fry, assemble, and so on! Tldr: McDonald’s is a hellhole and far worse than any fast food joint.

Image source: phantom56_, Michael Rivera


Chick-Fil-A. They cause horrific traffic jams. One just opened and it’s already making everyone around miserable.

It’s a damn sandwich.

Image source: Poinsettia917


Denny’s. EVERY time I eat there (desperate times call for desperate measures) It sucks. Only 24/7 place open by my airport. How can you screw up food that bad and stay open?

Image source: Auntwedgie


Golden Corral is an abomination.



Quantity, Not Quality™️

Image source: SirButtlockss, Ildar Sagdejev


Sbarro. It takes a lot of work to ruin pizza.

Image source: ErikRobson, Mike Mozart


Papa John’s went from the top to the absolute bottom in a very short time. We refuse to order it anymore. It was never great but it has become inedible in the last 5 years or so. We actually threw it out last time we ordered it and made something else.

Image source: ArminTanz, Ildar Sagdejev


Long John Silver, it has to be a cover for the mob or something.


Just something about fast seafood doesn’t sit right with me.

Image source: cognitive_markets44, Mr. Blue MauMau


Image source: The_REAL_McWeasel, EPIC

I fail to understand how Dominoes is still in business. It’s the cr*ppiest pizza out there. Like cardboard with red melted crayon for sauce. It’s pathetic. With all the far superior places to get a pizza from…….why the hell do people still prefer Dominoes?


KFC. How can a chicken place be out of chicken so often? And bring back the corn on the cob as well as the tater wedges you fools.



It doesn’t even taste like chicken anymore… It’s just battered grease.



Bring back the buffet!

Image source: TheUnblinkingEye1001, Phillip Pessar


Waffle House

EDIT: I Googled “Waffle House shooting [hometown]” to support my point, but I then had to specify which one.

Image source: wilcobanjo, Mbrickn

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