Would you try to date bisexual people?

Published 8 years ago

You have never had a same-sex relationship but for some time now you’ve been thinking, and thinking with some degree of passion and anticipation, how it would feel like to make out with a girl.

While you are eager to try out your fantasy, you are unsure about how and from where to start? And, yes, you are a little worried too about this new development in yourself.

First things first, nothing out of ordinary is happening to you. You are one of those people, found in huge numbers in bi dating sites, that are referred as bi-curious.

What is bi-curiosity?

Bi-curiosity in simplest terms is defined as a phenomenon in which a heterosexual person is interested in sexual activity with someone from same sex.

Bi-curiosity and bisexual are not same. Bi-curious identifies himself or herself as heterosexual but who’s also interested in participating in sexual activity with a person of the same sex. Usually bi-curious people have no or limited experience of same-sex relationship.

On the other hand, bisexual are those who are neither heterosexual nor homosexual. They don’t confine their sexual orientation to either of the two popular distinctions. They are more or less equally attractive to men and women and they have had relationships with people of both sexes.

How bi-curious can start bisexual dating?

Here are some tips to how you can start dating bisexuals.

• Create a profile on a good dating site

Thanks to the Internet, dating in this niche has become easy. Just like there are dating sites for straight people, there are many dating sites that cater to bisexuals.

The first thing you need to do is find a good dating site in this niche. If you don’t know of one, check out a top bi review site, where you will find valuable information on top dating sites in this niche.

Once you’ve identified a great dating site, create an impressive profile. Don’t forget to mention that you are bi-curious and upload some of your recent solo pics.

• Search for suitable partners

Next, start your hunt for a suitable partner. You can search using different criterions, like location, age, etc. Many top bi dating sites also have an advice section, where you will find valuable advice on various aspects of dating other bi-curious and bisexuals.

• Set up a date only after you believe you are ready

Just like in regular dating, in online dating you shouldn’t hurry things. The next logical step after chatting online with someone, especially if you both like each other, is to meet in person. There’s no rule, however, on when you take the friendship to the next level. It is something you would have to decide yourself. If you think you are ready for a face to face meeting, go ahead; otherwise, wait.

• Take things to the next level only when both of you are comfortable

The one big question bi-curious often ask is when is the right time to take the relationship into the bedroom. Well, again, there are no hard and fast rules. Focus on knowing your partner and developing a friendship with her and let the things naturally grow from there.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy bisexual dating!

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