X Ways Great Product Photography Can Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Published 8 years ago

EBay – one of the biggest ecommerce platform states that if a seller includes a professional photo of the product they are selling, then it can help increase their chances of getting that product sold by at least 2%.

Now, 2% may seem very little, but if you add it with every product, then it cannot be taken lightly anymore. When you are selling something without using any photos, people are hesitant to buy it, because it is not convincing enough for them to put faith in your merchandise. Excellent photography can increase your sales provided you keep in mind the following things.

Image Size and Resolution

Small photos fail to convince the customer to buy that particular product. Well shot, professional photos are the key to increase your sales. Make sure that your online product photos are at least 1600pixels on the extended side. This will enable you to make use of a zoom option on your site and also your images will be big enough and received well by all important online marketplaces.

Aligning images perfectly & creating consistent category pages

In order to make your photos look more professional and visually striking, you need to ensure that each of the images that you are putting up are arranged perfectly in line with the rest. Putting up homogenous photos will be one of the main factors which will persuade your customers to buy your product.

Plain white background

A plain white background complements almost all photos. Do not get carried away and play around with the background because it might backfire and decrease your sales. Also, try to keep the same background for all your products as this will reflect professionalism and decisiveness on your part.

Top companies like Amazon and eBay display their products on a white background. Make sure that you have a good photographer in hand who knows everything about white product photography, because showcasing something like white powder on a white background is trick, although not impossible.

Products images in true colors

Most of us overlook the color accuracy when we are displaying the pictures of our products. If your product is sea green in color, but when it is put up on your site, the color looks like another shade of green, it casts a negative impression about your business. Keep in mind that different web browsers and computer screens have different interpretation of different colors. To avoid confusion, turn your JPEG files into SRGB color profile.

Showcasing the unique features of your product

If your pictures are only from one angle, then your sales will never go up. You need to keep in mind that since customers cannot touch or try out your product when they are shopping online, they need to be hundred percent convinced that the product they are purchasing is worth it. In order to persuade them, you should detailed views of your product from different angles like front, back, left, right, top, bottom, 45 degrees and zoomed views. Also, make sure that the zooming option is enabled here.

Utilizing 360º spin effect images

You can boost up your sales to an enormous extent if you apply the 360º rotating image. Traditionally two dimensional images have been used, but they only give you a certain kind of idea about the product. Get a video included and an animated gif with every picture that your customer sees. This will help them to imagine your products in a better way and also give them a fairly good idea whether a product is suitable for the or not.

Make visitors imagine with feel-good factor images

Make the visitors feel that they are your priority. Make sure that they feel validated while they are buying the product. Your images should have a human touch so that your customers can relate to it better. So, instead of some plastic mannequin, you can sue models in your photos. Also, add some testimonials with each of the image, this will definitely shoot up your chances of making sale.

Thanks to technology, you can do a lot with images and photographs. Think out of the box and leverage as much as you can. If you use your images correctly, you can show your visitors that you products are unique and worthy of buying. Always use stock photographs with real product photos to build confidence in customers and play a huge role in their decision of to-buy or not-to-buy.

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