40 Creative Solutions People Came Up With To Achieve Their Zero-Waste Goals

Published 1 week ago

The topic of eco-friendliness and sustainable living is still trending globally. According to one article, folks born between 1997 and 2012 are one of the most environmentally conscious generations yet. Indeed, most of us do our part in small ways, hoping it will make a bigger impact eventually. Folks online have been sharing these little efforts to save the planet and we’ve compiled a list of their most useful suggestions on how to upcycle things you would otherwise throw away to reduce waste. 

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#1 I’m A Quilter Who Saves Every Scrap. I Made This Dumbledore Quilt Using All Of The Tiny Scraps From My Stash

Image source: exhaustedoctopus

#2 My Weekend Project Was Making Use Of A Broken Pot

Image source: pmolina12

#3 These Chairs Made From Old Fire Hoses, Near A Fire Station

Image source: i_heart_carrot

#4 An Old TV Was Repurposed Into A Cat Bed For My Cat’s Birthday

Image source: BrewCoven

#5 Mom Ordered A New Blanket, I Needed A Mini Greenhouse Type Container To Keep My Calathea Humid. Perfect? No, But Saved The Plastic From The Trash, And I Get To Give It A New Purpose

Image source: santanotsatan69

#6 The Components For My New Vacuum Are All Packaged In Paper Instead Of Plastic

Image source: ChewbaccaExMachina

#7 A Small Local Movie Theater Uses Reusable Metal Bowls For Popcorn

Image source: stevieisbored

#8 I Found Myself Buying Makeup Removing Wipes Every Few Weeks, But No More. With Fabric Remnants, An Old Hand Towel, And A Few Hours Of My Time, I’m Saving Money And The Planet

Image source: RhbJ04

#9 I Work At A Travel Agency, And When We Have To Get Rid Of Our Outdated Maps, I Reuse Them As Wrapping Paper

Image source: reddit.com

#10 This Supermarket Had Tiny Paper Bags Instead Of Plastic Containers To Reduce Waste

Image source: treanegno

#11 Old Hair Brush? Attach It To A Leg Of A Chair For Your Cat To Rub On

Image source: ramblingroze

#12 I Was About To Throw Away Some Buttons, Single Earrings, And Broken Necklace Parts, But Turned Them Into DIY Cards Instead

Image source: okaysnowflake

#13 I Made Shelves Using Recycled Thrift Shop Speakers

Image source: MuchoGrande

#14 You Can Grow Loofahs, Dry Them And Use Them To Wash Dishes. 5 Plants Make Enough For About 2 Years In Our House. Fully Biodegradable When They’re Worn Out

Image source: scavenger_hobo

#15 My Mom Always Wraps Birthday Presents In Maps

Image source: conversationchanger

Many years ago, my Granddad worked in a paper factory. My mom visited his workplace in 1994 to shoot a film there. They had thousands of excess sheets of maps that had been printed that were going to be thrown out, so she took enough that we still get our main presents wrapped in them all these years later.

#16 It Isn’t A Lot, But Me And My Girlfriend Stopped Buying Paper Towels

Image source: dillrit

#17 Sometimes Cheap Frames Don’t Come With Hanging Hardware. Tin Can Lids Get The Job Done. Learned This Trick From My High School Art Teacher

Image source: blabbitygabbity

#18 Reusing The Kids’ Playhouse As A Catio

Image source: Redaerkoob

Our kids are getting older and we were facing the need to get rid of their playhouse. We also have a cat that likes the outside but gets himself into trouble. We gave away the slides and swings (the cat didn’t enjoy those aspects) and kept the main house to turn it into a catio. The cat loves it and we didn’t have to buy anything besides the wire and door hooks to convert it.

#19 I Patched A Large Hole In My Favorite Overalls Today

Image source: twin_weenis

#20 A Coconut Repurposed As A Salt Container That Has Been In My Family For Over 20 Years

Image source: MarsNirgal

#21 Neighbor Built This Neat Greenhouse Out Of Salvaged Windows And Doors

Image source: kazzmere

#22 A Local Shop Gives Leafy Parts From Vegetables That Most People Don’t Eat To Pets For Free

Image source: nixass

#23 I Took A Friend’s Thesis Poster That Was Printed On Fabric And Turned It Into A Weekender Bag He Can Use

Image source: gloryallan

#24 Repurposed Pallets For A Raised Bed. $9 Total, Spent On Fasteners And Hardware, With Half Left Over

Image source: italianmick1

#25 I Made A Bag Out Of Tags

Image source: Educational_Target56

Over 500 tags used, with two fully adjustable straps that can link together to create a longer strap. The tag for the bag is also a smaller bag made of tags.

#26 My Grandma Made Her Shopping Bag Out Of Plastic Shopping Bags

Image source: Icantthinkofaname678

#27 Someone On My Street Put Two Twin Bed Frames On The Curb. I Made One Into A Trellis

Image source: briskiejess

#28 Repurposed An Old Diaper Box Into A Bookcase For My Son

Image source: kellyc0417

#29 I Work At A Hospital Where Employees Eat Every Day With Plastic Utensils. My Solution: Fork And Spoon In An Old Pencil Case

Image source: yellow_ducks

#30 You Can Plant This Calendar Because It’s Made From Recycled Paper

Image source: purutiger

#31 Shout-Out To Everyone Who Washes And Reuses Their Food Storage Bags

Image source: fakeplastictrees81

#32 First Time Using Food Scraps To Make Broth

Image source: sisulumme

#33 My Dad Built A Greenhouse Out Of Piles Of Random Stuff He’s Been Saving – Old Windows, Bits Of Flooring, Recycled Straightened Nails, And Off-Cuts Of Steel Roofing

Image source: rnords

#34 Had To Throw This Basket Out At Work Because The Side Had Split. I Asked My Boss If I Could Have It And She Said Sure, So With A Little Ribbon It’s Fixed

Image source: byronfayy

#35 Upcycled A Broken Cable Spool From Work Into A Climbing Toy For Our New Kitten, Lady Sif

Image source: derekghs

#36 Upcycling Tip: A Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Container Makes A Great Mini Greenhouse

Image source: Levangeline

#37 Our Local Supermarket Makes Juice Out Of Unsold Fruits. Literally Zero Waste

Image source: EduKehakettu

#38 I Make Planters Out Of Old License Plates

Image source: 3q49gh9q34

#39 My Local Coffee Shop Uses Old Milk Cartons As Takeaway Trays

Image source: catdust

#40 Made From A Very Worn Men’s Shirt That Was Headed To The Landfill

Image source: reddit.com

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