20 Posts From A Group Dedicated To The “Zillennials” Who Feel They Belong Between Generations

Published 1 year ago

There’s a lot of ownership being bandied around in terms of generational differences. The discourse may involve passing blame to claiming life experiences to sweeping statements of likes and dislikes as a group.

However, there appears to be a certain generation that feels neglected. This group of people fall between the Millennials and the Gen-Zers. Apparently represented by a Facebook group calling themselves, the “Zillennials”, you can check out some of their best memes explaining their side of the story and what it means to be between generations. 

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#1 Every Time I See A Warthog I Think Of This!

Image source: Born Zillennial

#2 How Many Of You Feel This Same Way?

Image source: Born Zillennial

#3 In Retrospect I Shoulda Done It

Image source: Born Zillennial, Danika_Lyle

#4 I’d Hear Them Out

Image source: Born Zillennial, SamuelSaulsbury

#5 Felt Like This Belongs Here For Those Of Us Pushing 30+

Image source: Born Zillennial

#6 Not Green Day

Image source: Born Zillennial, momsense_ensues

#7 I Remember That Nice Warm Feeling Of A Freshly Burned Cd

Image source: Born Zillennial, mcdadstuff

#8 This

Image source: Born Zillennial, realBrookNash

#9 The Things That Keep Me Up At Night

Image source: Born Zillennial, thehyyyype

#10 Growing Up Is Realizing You Carry An Emotional Support Water Bottle Every Where You Go

Image source: Born Zillennial, MissJCousins

#11 No One Warned Me

Image source: Born Zillennial, Bexdora

#12 I Feel Like This Is Scary Accurate For All Of Us

Image source: Born Zillennial

#13 Not Only Did My Parents Have This, But They Gave It To Me As My First Alarm Clock

Image source: Born Zillennial

#14 Welp—

Image source: Born Zillennial

#15 Suddenly I Have Aged About 50 Years

Image source: Born Zillennial, gothbabys

#16 It’s A Reasonable Conclusion

Image source: Born Zillennial, KatieDeal99

#17 Probably Because We’re 2000 And Late

Image source: Born Zillennial, WITCHTRlALS

#18 This Is Real In An Alternative Universe. I Feel It

Image source: Born Zillennial, AutoBotanist

#19 That And 90’s Music Being In The Classic Rock Genre Is Killing Me

Image source: Born Zillennial, KatieDeal99

#20 Not ‘A’ Hedgehog, The Hedgehog

Image source: Born Zillennial, albert12798

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