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Clever Ads Rearrange Trash To Ridicule Litterers

The City of Toronto Livegreen organization's newest ad campaign shouts its slogan at passers-by - "Littering says a lot about you” - by arranging street litter to spell out straight-forward pejorative terms aimed at litterers.

Restaurant Gives Discount If You Order In Voice Of Famous Character Drawn On Their Chalkboard

Each week, Lila and Lyle, the talented chalkboard artists at Not a Burger Stand, draw a well-known movie, TV, or cartoon character to promote a 10% discount. But the catch is this – the customer has to order in the voice of or dress up as the character of the week to get the discount,...

These 20 Honest Slogans Reveal The Truth About World’s Biggest Brands

Companies invest loads of money to make their brands look flawless, however, even the top brands can't do everything perfectly. Clif Dickens, a graphic designer from Nashville, decided to point out these flaws on his blog, called Honest Slogans. Instead of writing their own slogans, Clif adds something a bit more honest. The slogans are deceptive...

Even Flipped Upside Down, These Jeep Ads Are Equally Cool

Jeep's latest ad campaign might be indirect, but it is unquestionably creative. The three ads, featuring animal picture graphics, can be flipped over to reveal another animal hiding in the image of the first one. The message of the campaign then claims: “See whatever you want to see.”

30 Shocking Animal Ad Campaigns That Will Make You Rethink Your Lifestyle

These ads speak about global issues that aren't easy to solve and suggest that we change our old negative habits for good. They are powerful and intimidating, and will hopefully inspire people to make Earth a better place for all of its inhabitants.

42 Of The Most Powerful Social And Environmental Ads That Will Change The Way You Think

No matter how tired and irritated we might be about the overwhelming flow of advertisements around us, social ads still manage to catch our attention and shock us pretty easily. It’s no wonder, as issues of public interest, like our health, the environment, and human and animal rights, always strike a chord in our hearts...

Cartoon Characters Shave Their Heads In Solidarity With Kids Who Have Cancer

Garfield, Olive Oyl, Snoopy and a bunch of other famous cartoon characters shaved their heads to raise awareness of kids with cancer and to help these brave kids feel better about their new and different appearance.

8 Million Flower Petals Cover An Entire Village In Costa Rica

One village in Costa Rica was covered in 8 million flower petals for Sony’s newest 4K Ultra HD TV set advertisement campaign. The dreamlike and highly ambitious idea was brought to life thanks to global advertising agency McCann, photographer Nick Meek and a British special effects team.

This Is What Cities Would Look Like With Classical Paintings Instead Of Outdoor Ads

“OMG who stole my ads?“ is a fun and creative project by artist Etienne Lavie, who decided to let his imagination run free and see how the streets of Milan and Paris would look with classical paintings instead of the outdoor ads most are used to. He took the pictures of the cities and the...

Celebrities Get Cozy With Fish To Fight Unsustainable Fishing

Nudity and fish normally shouldn't and wouldn't go together. However, a British company of environmental activists called FishLove, together with French photographer Denis Rouvre, recently released a provocative campaign demonstrating celebrities posing together with fish that are the only objects covering their private parts.

“Disabled” Mannequins Challenge Our Perception of Beauty

Pro Infirmis, a Swiss-based charity organization for people with various disabilities, set out to shake up people's ideas of what is beautiful. The charity organization created a set of "disabled" mannequins as a means to celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities on December 3rd.

Men Replace Woman In Sizzling Ducati Motorcycle Posters

This great series of promotional photos for the Ducati Panigale 1199 motorcycle created by the Motocorsa dealership in Portland, Oregon does a great job of flipping gender roles on their head. After shooting a seductive photo shoot with a female model, they also had a bunch of of men try to re-create the poses that...