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21 Free Photo Gallery And Portfolio WordPress Themes

I'm guessing a lot of you guys are photographers, artists or designers looking for a nice and free premium-like portfolio theme for your works, so this list of 25 Free Photo Gallery And Portfolio WordPress Themes is all you need to get started.

20 Beautiful Handwritten Fonts That Shouldn’t be Free

There's probably nothing more cold than an official text written in Arial - while you read it, you may have a strange feeling that it must have been written by a robot. In order to make people feel better and warm inside, sometimes you need a personal touch - and if your handwriting sucks, there's...

30 Sets of Free Social Icons for Your Blog

All these amazing social icons that we've handpicked from a whole bunch of websites come for free - just scroll down the list, and find one that fits your blog design.

21 Incredible Fonts That Shouldn’t Be Free

In this collection you’ll find some of the best free fonts around that you can easily download with a few clicks of the mouse.

30 Beautiful And Creative Website Footers

Creative footers are catching your attention where it is least expected - that's why they are much more powerful than you think!

16 Beautiful and Creative Website Headers

Remember, first impressions are lasting ones, and are very, VERY important - so design the header very carefully, make it eye catching and memorable, or else it might be the one and only thing your visitor sees before closing your site.

25 Cool 404 Error Page Examples

I am sure you’ve already run into 404 error page at least once in your lifetime, and I'm 99% sure it was a horrible experience. Why not make this whole situation more pleasant, and at least create something cool and funny to calm down the visitor?