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Posts tagged "illusion"

Incredible 3D Graffiti Illusions By Portuguese Artist Odeith

Portuguese mural artist Odeith stands out from other urban painters with his mind-bending 3D graffiti works. Using deceptive shadows, hues, and other tricks, he manages to bring his 2D murals to life and make his paintings look as if they truly leap off the walls.

23 Amazing Anamorphic Artworks That Need A Mirror Cylinder To Reveal Their Beauty

In mirror anamorphosis, an image is formed by a distorted mirror (usually a cylinder) placed near an abstract image or sculpture. Here we present an inspiring collection of the finest examples of this technique from both the past and present.

Hyper-Realistic 3D Paintings Made With Acrylics In Layers Of Resin By Keng Lye

Singapore-based artist Keng Lye paints layers upon layers of acrylic paint onto transparent resin to create 3D paintings of vividly-colored fish and other sea creatures. The principle is quite similar to the 3D printing process, except that it uses meticulous and talented fingers and a paint brush instead of machine to create something that is...

Unbelievable Body Art By Gesine Marwedel Turns People Into Plants, Animals And Paintings

German artist Gesine Marwedel specializes in creating beautiful and elegant body paintings that transforms people into plants, animals, or even abstract works of art. She also explores the therapeutic potential of her work, going so far as to publish a book (in German) on the therapeutic benefits of bodypainting.

This Brilliant Optical Illusion Makes You See A Portrait In A Pile Of Objects

French painter, photographer and sculptor Bernard Pras recreated a portrait of French postman Ferdinand Cheval from a pile of furniture and other household objects using a brilliant forced perspective technique.

22 Masterful Body Paintings That Disguise Humans As Animals

The ability to transform oneself into anything imaginable attracts many models to become living canvases for talented body artists. This time, we'll explore how they manage to transform models into other beautiful members of the animal kingdom.

Hirotoshi Ito’s Incredible Stone Sculptures Totally Rock

Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito breathes life into stone by transforming it into practically anything but stone itself. His whimsical and unique stone sculptures create surreal optical illusions that can make us forget that they are actually made of solid stone.

More 3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin, the talented self-taught artist from the Netherlands, is back with more amazing anamorphic pencil drawings. These drawings seem 3D and life-like from one perspective, but look like nonsensical blobs from another.

Ghostly Desert Homestead Uses Mirrors To Fool Observers

In the desert near Joshua Tree, California, there stands a 70-year-old homestead cabin that isn't all there. The ethereal cabin is part of an outdoor art installation by artist Phillip K. Smith III called Lucid Homestead. To give the cabin its striking appearance, the artist replaced strips of the wall with mirrors and the windows...

Infinity Mirrored Room In New York By Yayoi Kusama

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's incredible "Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away" and "Love Is Calling" installations create the appearance of endless, near-boundless space by creating cubic rooms in which every surface, except the viewer and a small standing platform, is mirrored.

3D Pencil Drawings That Leap Out Of Page

Italian illustrator Alessandro Diddi draws stunning anamorphic 3D pieces that make you question your own eyes. His meticulously detailed pencil drawings are combined with small props, sometimes the very pencil he draws with, or his own fingers, and that way his creations aren't even limited by the lines of the paper sheets.

Giant Anamorphic Illusion Made Out Of Trash

If you came across this artwork at the exhibition center, you might think you've stumbled upon a pile of garbage – but as soon as you find the right angle, the whole thing comes into focus as a very impressive anamorphic portrait of Malian actor Sotigui Kouyate.