Cartography Group Shares The Most Interesting Maps And Here Are 35 Of The Best Ones

Published 3 weeks ago

Despite the rapid advancements in technology, maps are not fading away; rather, they’re evolving in the digital era. They’re getting revamped and upgraded, serving new purposes like tracking population density or depicting projections of Earth’s future landscapes millions of years ahead. 

As a result, the internet is brimming with fascinating and enlightening maps that challenge our perceptions and broaden our understanding of the world. Our team has curated a collection of the most intriguing ones, ready to offer fresh perspectives. Just scroll down to explore!

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#1 To Increase Local Tourism, Lithuania Has Made A Map With Magnets That You Can Only Find In Corresponding Cities

Image source: greycoconut

Blue Morpho Butterfly: ooh, this it totally something i would waste all my money on!

#2 Map Of Regional Rug Patterns Of Iran

Image source: knownothingwiseguy

#3 My Great Grandpa Drew This Map Of Africa In The 1910’s. Thought You All Might Like It

Image source: zherper

#4 Tracking Of An Eagle Over A 20 Year Period

Image source: HDeo950

African Dad: I lived in Afghanistan for a year ~ probably the eagle trying to sound interesting at a party

#5 No One Lives In The Green Part Of New Zealand,the Population Density There Is 0 People Per Km And That Is About 78% Of New Zealand Land

Image source: Felixheifgwofbebrjwh

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: Would not mind going to NZ but I am wary of the Orc problem they had. Has it been sorted? I dislike any racism towards Hobbits.

#6 Size Comparison Between Australia And The United States

Image source: AJgloe

#7 Where Penguins Are Found Naturally In The World

Image source: cheeseface35

#8 Occupied Bald Eagle Nests In Wisconsin. 1974 vs. 2019. Growth Credited To The Clean Water Act

Image source: zstahowiak

#9 There Is A Lake In Finland, That Looks Like Finland

Image source: Inutilmono

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Finception.

#10 The Earth Being Centered On Great Britain Is Arbitrary, So Here’s A Map Centered On New Zealand

Image source: ParadoxicalCabbage

LeMurierBonjour: It is arbitrary but it is also the line for Greenwich Mean Time on which longitude and World time zones are based.

#11 Light Blue Is A Map As We Know It And Dark Blue Is The Actual Size Of Each Country

Image source: aisbosseth

#12 Rivers Of Italy

Image source: JoeFalchetto

#13 Wolf Distribution In Italy From 1900 To 2020

Image source: Risingmagpie

#14 Each Section Has 10% Of The World’s Population

Image source: AppleBiryani

Gabriel: For those confused, because I was for a hot minute, the smaller the sliver, the denser the population. I think?

#15 This Is My Wedding Gift To My Wife

Image source: Doofinx

We get married next Sunday. I used a woodburning kit to burn a map of all the states we have visited as a couple. We both love to travel and backpack do I want to to keep adding to it as we get older.

#16 Hello! I Cross Stitch Earth Science Maps And Have Been Told They Belong Here. Great Lakes Bathymetry Is My Favorite So Far

Image source: blondeboxshell

#17 To Combat The Threat Of Desertification Of The Sahel (The Region Immediately To The South Of The Sahara)

Image source: InkyScrolls

The African Union is leading an initiative to plant the Great Green Wall, a 7,775 km (4,830 mi) belt of trees crossing the entire breadth of north Africa.

#18 World Map Mural

Image source: eveildancer

#19 Japan, How Big It Is In Reality?

Image source: c0urso

Sue Denham: Still not clear. Maybe show us some bananas for, you know, scale?

#20 After Tokyo 2020 This Map Remains The Same. All Men’s Water Polo Gold Medal Winners Since 2000 Were Born Inside This Circle

Image source: ASR004

#21 Cheese Map Of Europe

Image source: dazzledvulture

#22 An Image Of GPS Tracking Of Multiple Wolves In Six Different Packs Around Voyageurs National Park Shows How Much The Wolf Packs Avoid Each Other’s Range

Image source: john3806

LakotaWolf (she/her): We have observed humans long enough to know that, when groups cross over, disagreements and politics happen XD

#23 The United States Of America: Alaskan Perspective

Image source: Pariahdog119

#24 A Map Of Finland’s Bear Population, Made Up Of Bears

Image source: Asmodeane

#25 When A Band Announces A World Tour

Image source: esloubro

#26 Countries Which Offer Paid Maternity Leave And The Time They Provide For Expecting Mothers

Image source: No_Negotiation_7176

Slapdash1: The greatest third world country in the world lol

#27 3D Render Topographic Map Of Europe

Image source:

#28 The Longest Possible Train Travel In The World

Image source: matias90

#29 The Baltic Way. On 23 August 1989, Two Million People Joined Their Hands To Form A Human Chain Spanning 675.5 Km Across The Three Baltic States

Image source: SteO153

The protest was against the Soviet occupation, and to support the independence movements of the three States (2014).

#30 This Is Awesome

Image source: Physical-Order

#31 Existence Of Pangaea Proven With Evidence Of Similar Fossils Across Continents

Image source: No_Woodpecker259

#32 List Of Countries Mentioned Or Referred In The Bible

Image source: Erik_John09

#33 Concentration Of Castles In Europe

Image source: MardukSyria

PFD: Could do with some kind of context/ definitions here. It’s usually said that Germany has the greatest number and Wales the highest concentration of castles in Europe.

#34 World Map Cantered On Antarctica

Image source: axeman_05

#35 Map Of Most Photographed Places In The World

Image source: the-70s-kid

HI, I’M A SHOUTY MAN: I love how there’s this little hotspot in the middle of Aus for Uluru! Like the rest of it is just mainly empty and then bam that’s cool. My area also looks pretty hot

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