This Online Group Is Dedicated To The Most Interesting And Unusual Maps Out There (20 New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

A lot of us use maps on a daily basis, like for example when using navigation apps, and hardly give them any second though. However, the reality is that maps can convey a lot more information than just the quickest way to the grocery store.

Reddit’s map lover community is entirely dedicated to the most fascinating maps out there, and with over 1.5 million members, it’s never short of new content. Check out a collection of interesting maps that you won’t find in your geography textbooks in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our earlier articles here and here!

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#1 This Is A LEGO World Map I Designed! I Spent Many Hours Staring At Google Earth And Topological Maps To Make This

Image source: GooseWithDaGibus

#2 How A Coastline 100 Million Years Ago Influences Modern Election Results In Alabama

Image source: IamShartacus

#3 World Map Of Borders

Image source: krinkyee_113

#4 Hello! I Was Told You Would Enjoy This- Took Me 3 Years!

Image source: avalonal5464

#5 Map Of Africa’s Borders If Divided By Languages ​​and Ethnicities

Image source: Danielbrenim

#6 I Am Working On A Picture Book With Each State Drawn With One Line. I Finished My 7th State Last Night

Image source: tfoust10

#7 Average Number Of Languages Spoken By The EU Population

Image source: JeannaLeavy

#8 Hello! I Cross Stitch Earth Science Maps And Have Been Told They Belong Here. Great Lakes Bathymetry Is My Favorite So Far

Image source: blondeboxshell

#9 Are You Closer To Georgia, Or To Georgia?

Image source: atlasova

#10 How To Read A Topographical Map

Image source: World-Tight

#11 Antarctica Without Ice, U Don’t See That A Lot

Image source: Rajni_Rao

#12 Mythical Beasts Of The United States Of America

Image source: NeilParkinsonMakes

#13 The Topography Of The Roman Empire, Ad 117

Image source: boytutoy

#14 I Drew A Map Of All Japanese Prefectures (Took 6 Hours). Hope You Like It

Image source: GoroMajimaKun

#15 The United States — All Of It

Image source: guspolly3

#16 This Is My Friends Wood Shop Project, Thought It Would Be Fitting Here

Image source: Fleebo-1

#17 Hand Drawn Map Of China And Neighboring Countries With Placenames In Mandarin (I Drew It As An Exercise To Memorise All The Provinces)

Image source: LuKing-Ra

#18 Rural Equivalent Of New York City, Los Angeles And Chicago

Image source: kapowitz9

#19 Soft Drinks From All Over Europe

Image source: klaci03

#20 What Are Your Thoughts On This Breggsit?

Image source: the_Eggshibit

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