20 Fascinating Maps Shared In This Online Group That Might Change Your Perception Of Things

Published 2 years ago

Maps are great tools to understand our world and they can easily give us an interesting perspective on different things around us. If you love interesting maps, check out this amazing subreddit. It boasts a huge collection of unique, fascinating, and informative maps. The fact that this online group has gathered around 1.8 million members by now shows how awesome its content is.

We have featured the community before on our website- check out our previous articles here, here, and here. And scroll below to see some new interesting maps.

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#1 Most Popular Language On Duolingo

Image source: Coldcomplex1

#2 Topography Of China

Image source: MeronDC

#3 Atheists Are Prohibited From Holding Public Office In 8 US States

Image source: clayagds99

#4 “Head North, Young Man…”

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#5 Cyclist Recreates Nirvana’s “Nevermind” Album Cover

Image source: TRiskProduction

#6 Countries With A Higher Life Expectancy Than The United States

Image source: burgerking_foot

#7 The Red Part Contains More People Than The Blue Put Together

Image source: AndoMacster

#8 Map Presenting Coldest Temperatures Ever Measured In Celcius…

Image source: Jazzlike-Power-7959

#9 Grading System In Europe

Image source: vladgrinch

#10 The Topography Of Ukraine

Image source: boytutoy

#11 Is Escape A Crime?

Image source: Mmaps_interlude

#12 The Baltic Way. On 23 August 1989, Two Million People Joined Their Hands To Form A Human Chain Spanning 675.5 Km Across The Three Baltic States. The Protest Was Against The Soviet Occupation, And To Support The Independence Movements Of The Three States

Image source: RepublicOfEurope

#13 Map Showing Netherland’s Progress In Flood Management (Source: Earthmagazine)

Image source: WildestEconomist

#14 Most Obese Countries

Image source: No-Ad7595

#15 The New Longest Possible Train Journey In The World

Image source: htGoSEVe

#16 All The Countries That Have Gained Independence From Great Britain

Image source: yeetice

#17 Eu Countries Pushing To Label Nuclear Power As Green Energy

Image source: PepperBlues

#18 Most Frequent Causes Of Deaths For 50 To 69-Year-Olds. @realworldmaps

Image source: Realworldmaps

#19 A Map Visualizing The Armenian Genocide – Started 106 Years Ago

Image source: roiaumedejherusalem

#20 London’s Piccadilly Tube Station. Piccadilly Circus Is A Road Junction And Public Space Of London’s West End In The City Of Westminster. It Was Built In 1819 To Connect Regent Street With Piccadilly

Image source: 5igorsk

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