20 Times People Shared The Most Unique And Interesting Maps In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

A good image and visual data are not only appealing to the eyes but also easier to understand. In fact, some of them might even change your perspective about how you see the world.

There is a very interesting subreddit where people share visually pleasing and informative maps every day. With around 1.9 million members, this group is dedicated to uncovering some of the most fascinating things through amazing maps. Scroll below to see some of their best posts. And if you want to see more such maps, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 The Shape Of The World, According To Ancient Maps

Image source: Ayman_alsh

#2 Percentage Of Population “Absolutely Certain” God Exists In Europe vs. Us

Image source: roi1099

#3 Europe Used To Look Like This, Before It United

Image source: Over9000Holland

#4 Nature Map

Image source: Lovesinica

#5 Map Lovers, I Recently Stopped For 30 Min In A Bookshop Checking Out This Maps Book. Love The Way Visual Information Sticks In Mind!

Image source: AutomaticLibrarian14

#6 Countries Which Offer Paid Maternity Leave And The Time They Provide For Expecting Mothers

Image source: No_Negotiation_7176

#7 World Map Cantered On Antarctica

Image source: axeman_05

#8 The Yuxi Circle: The World’s Most Overpopulated Area

Image source: madrid987

#9 Countries Providing Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

Image source: KungUnderBerget

#10 Is It A Crime To Knock On The Door And Run Away? (Source: UK Legislation Website – Metropolitan Police Act Of 1839)

Image source: geographyfacts

#11 Every Purple Line Is A Bicycle Lane In The Netherlands

Image source: wouterk

#12 In Case You Didn’t Know, Holland & The Netherlands Are Not Interchangeable

Image source: Initial_Trash

#13 Europe’s Most Popular Last Names

Image source: LeolaBosack

#14 Punishment Of Breaking Blasphemy Law Around The World

Image source: two_plus_two_is_zero

#15 Average Male Height In Europe 2022 (In Cm)

Image source: takibouhnik

#16 Price Of Full Tank Of Gasoline (60 L) As A Percentage Of Average Monthly Net Salary Across The World

Image source: kiwi2703

#17 Where Europeans Lay Claim To Their Neighboring Countries

Image source: Upstairs_Yard5646

#18 Difference Between Russia’s Unfriendly List Last Year And Now

Image source: thegirlwithtwoeyes

#19 Most Popular Dog By US State…

Image source: smooshedeggbog

#20 Country’s That Cannot Speak Any Foreign Language

Image source: CraftyAcanthisitta22

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