20 Cool And Informative Maps As Shared On This Cartography-Loving Online Group (New Pics)

Published 1 year ago

Do you start dozing out just after reading a few pages of a geography book? Well, if you want to learn new things about our world and you are not into books, then there is another way to take some information in.

This subreddit takes you to a world of unique and interesting maps that you might have never seen before. Check out some of their most fascinating posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Life Expectancy At Subnational Level

Image source: reddit.com

#2 Most Common Baby Names In London, 2021

Image source: topherette

#3 Americans Were Asked To Point To Iran On A Map

Image source: Starry_Night0123

#4 Has Russia Been At War With European Countries?

Image source: ComradeTekorian

#5 Countries Where “Conversion Therapy” Is Still Legal

Image source: Haso0nz1999

#6 I Rode My Bicycle 11,877 Miles Across Europe

Image source: RollingExistence

#7 There Is A Lake In Finland, That Looks Like Finland

Image source: Inutilmono

#8 A World Map Drawn By Ottoman Sailor Ali Macar Reis In 1567 (Considered The Most Accurate In The Time Period)

Image source: DamnTheAwkardTurtle

#9 Which Country Has The Most Attractive People According To Europe

Image source: reddit.com

#10 Position Of The North Magnetic Pole Since 1590

Image source: carbondioxide-7

#11 The State Of Democracy

Image source: reddit.com

#12 Concentration Of Castles In Europe

Image source: MardukSyria

#13 Most Popular Sport In Each Country

Image source: whitegoddessx

#14 Languages Spoken In China

Image source: shinymt

#15 UN Vote To End US Embargo Against Cuba

Image source: Lost-Contest-

#16 Obesity Rates In The USA vs. Europe

Image source: whitegoddessx

#17 World’s Most Surveilled Cities

Image source: ia1mtoplease

#18 A Map Of Every Chinese City

Image source: XER0GRAVITY

#19 Map Of All The Counties Of The Contiguous United States Carved From Over 3 Thousand Wooden Blocks

Image source: rubishman

#20 World’s Population

Image source: just_an__inchident

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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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