20 Interesting Maps That Might Make You See Things From A Different Angle

Published 2 years ago

World maps are great tools for understanding the territorial borders and other such geographical stuff. However, most people don’t find enough entertainment value in reading those boring maps. What if maps were educational as well as entertaining? Yes, it is totally possible. Cool maps do exist! This subreddit is dedicated to posting a variety of unusual and fascinating maps like ‘traditional hats of Europe’, ‘how people sneeze in different languages’, ‘reported UFO sightings’, etc.

The above-mentioned subreddit is an archive of various creative, unusual, and interesting maps created by amateurs as well as professionals. Scroll below to see 20 such maps posted on the subreddit that portray some cool facts and information about the world. And if you missed our previous post about cool maps, check it out here.

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#1 Percentage Of People Who Trust Climate Scientists, 2020

Image source: SkinlessFather

#2 Share Of Young People Aged 25 -34 Living With Parents

Image source: silviucodreanu

#3 Countries Where It’s Illegal To Smack Children!

Image source: atlasmapper

#4 Butter Or Olive Oil? Based On Actual Per Capita Consumption

Image source: Landgeist

#5 How Do You Sneeze?

Image source: atlasova

#6 The Longest Possible Train Travel In The World

Image source: gutturalEland9936

#7 Existence Of Pangaea Proven With Evidence Of Similar Fossils Across Continents

Image source: No_Woodpecker259

#8 Closer To Paris Or To London?

Image source: atlasova

#9 Countries That Have Yet To See True Temperature Extremes

Image source: jack_urian

#10 Variations Of The Given Name “Paul”

Image source: PaulOshanter

#11 Land Reclamation In The Netherlands

Image source: Wrub229

#12 The Journey Of An Arctic Fox Who Walked From Norway To Canada In 2018

Image source: oglach

#13 Europe If The Sea Level Rose 100m

Image source: oneletterh

#14 Rivers Of Italy

Image source: JoeFalchetto

#15 Number Of Prisoners Per 100 000 People In European Countries

Image source: theworldmaps

#16 Sun Tanning vs. Skin Whitening

Image source: sam_3758

#17 No One Lives In The Green Part Of New Zealand

Image source: Felixheifgwofbebrjwh

#18 Traditional Hats Of Europe

Image source: Xrodo33

#19 Reported UFO Sightings Map. Last 115 Years

Image source: Sketchder

#20 Number Of Cigarettes Smoked Per Person Per Day In European Countries

Image source: NotTheThreeBit


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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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