40 Of The Most Savage Comebacks Spotted Online

Published 3 weeks ago

Crafting a snappy comeback isn’t always second nature to everyone, myself included. Fortunately, there are individuals blessed with this talent from birth. Thankfully, they occasionally use their superpower for good by silencing online nonsense. Today, we’ve gathered an impressive array of savage comebacks that might motivate you to hone your own wit and prepare to take on internet trolls.


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#1 Shots Fired, Two Men Down

Image source: Jrfemfin

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: 👏👏👏

#2 It’s Never Just About A Cake

Image source: reddit.com

Colin Leamon: What’s done in the name of Christianity by people calling themselves Christian is truly heartbreaking
Fat Harry: Indeed. The behaviour of some Christians is anything but Christian.

#3 Who Doesn’t Love Irony?

Image source: HfUfH

Jerome Lenovo: and then they do terrorist attacks yelling ” in the name of nooothiiiing “

#4 That Backfired

Image source: reddit.com

Jerome Lenovo: woooo ….. that must burn

#5 I Proudly Served In The Gay Wars Of ’07

Image source: beerbellybegone, PortendsRain

#6 Your Bigotry Is Showing

Image source: beerbellybegone

BoredPossum: This is exactly what most sane people want. People with different cultures, beliefs, sexual preferences, styles etc etc, getting along and don’t fight. Respect, understanding and honor are rare, but hopefully it will be common in the future.

#7 Dammit George!

Image source: SofiBK

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het (edited): Pride month, lots of colours all over the place, crazy decorations, weird and wonderful people coming out and enjoying themselves, what’s not to like?

#8 The Media Makes It To Be A Feel Good Story Over A Dystopian Nightmare

Image source: plurrrb

James016: I like the photoshopped one where the tweet says that the robotics team set fire to the insurance company’s HQ

#9 Find A Different Career

Image source: reddit.com

SheamusFanFrom1987: *Salutes the professor* Preach, Sir!

#10 Sarah Has Been Reported Dead

Image source: boring_bisexual_bee

SCamp: Can always rely on the Irish for a ripping answer! 😂

#11 This Belongs Here

Image source: 03ritikpatni, deathdahlia

BebeR: Elon it’s **aesthetic** and you’re a twat.

#12 Women Aren’t People, Apparently

Image source: beerbellybegone

Carrie Henderson: Love Andy Murray. Always leading the charge for women. Great guy.

#13 Cut The S**t Lady. You Chose The Bathroom

Image source: reddit.com

Jerome Lenovo: but i NEED to whine ! please subscribe & follow

#14 Apparently, It’s Impossible For Women To Be Smart And Beautiful At The Same Time

Image source: reddit.com

Miki: Let’s show the whole world how big on an incels we are.

#15 Grandmothers Are Overrated

Image source: beerbellybegone, facebook.com

#16 Waddaya Say, Then?

Image source: reddit.com

#17 Deutscher Patriotismus vs. American Patriotism

Image source: FloatingSpaceTrash

#18 I’m Gonna Take The Surgeon’s Side On This One

Image source: reddit.com

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: Perhaps they are confused and wearing their gimp mask instead?

#19 Yes, The Answer Is Yes

Image source: beerbellybegone

UpQuarkDownQuark (he/him): The guy with the turban is most likely Sikh, not Muslim. He’s also sick of your c**p.

#20 Due For Some Good Luck Eventually

Image source: MichaelRosenYes

Peppy: 🔥

#21 Columbus Day

Image source: 66baph0met

#22 M*rdered By Kindness

Image source: reddit.com

a piece of toast: My Christian granny read the koran because according to her, she wanted to know how others interpreted it

#23 The Best Putdowns Come From The Truth

Image source: CptMatt_theTrashCat

#24 Room Temperature Iq Is My New Favourite Insult

Image source: mutuma_mbui

Emma S: The right to free health care, the right to have at least 28 days paid leave, the right to not be fired just because my employer doesn’t like me is pretty sweet to be honest.

#25 Just Try Not Being Straight For Awhile

Image source: reddit.com

MikiI love this answer ;D

#26 Now Sit Down, Stefan

Image source: reddit.com

AnnaB: Men, you can’t give birth. Sit down when abortion is discussed.

#27 The Fact That He Never Removed The Post Surprises Me

Image source: reddit.com

BebeR: Far-right activist Laura Loomer. She was banned from Uber and Lyft after this and then tweeted “@Uber banned me but they will never ban any of their Islamic drivers who are raping women and refusing service to Jews. #BoycottUber.” woman is revolting.

#28 On A Comment Thread About UPS And USPS Workers

Image source: reddit.com

SCamp: The shutdown response is perfect – every job requires someone to do it, folks gotta make their coin how they can. No delivery ppl, no deliveries and idiots like the OP would be the first and loudest to complain

#29 You Dense Mother —!

Image source: beerbellybegone

#30 In The Interests Of Public Safety

Image source: reddit.com

a piece of toast: This always astonishes me (sorry for my English) I mean boys also have shoulders??? But if they show them nothing happens

#31 That’s A Stupid Reason To Ban Transgender People

Image source: reddit.com

#32 See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya

Image source: beerbellybegone

Rayne OfSalt: We have more guns in private ownership than at any time in our history. We only restrict what type of guns people can have, have strong requirements for how those guns are stored, and don’t allow people who can’t pass a background and psychological check to own them. We also don’t fetishise guns. They’re a tool for doing a thing, nothing more.

#33 A Very Important Point

Image source: reddit.com

The.Butterfly.Effect.530: That’s it I’m going to live w the bears.

#34 “Educate Your Self”

Image source: reddit.com, twitter.com

Jerome Lenovo: yeah but he reads infowars and watched a tutorial, he knows stuff

#35 Disabled Parking Should Only Be Valid During Business Hours 9 To 5

Image source: reddit.com

SCamp: HTF do people think up cr@p like this, look at it and think ‘yep, I’ve nailed that, now just let me post it’. One of the clearest negatives about everyone having a voice is that everyone has a voice, which is great unless you’re a f***** moron

#36 Well, When You Put It That Way

Image source: reddit.com

#37 This Guy Wants All The Cake

Image source: reddit.com

#38 If He Were Here He’d Consume These Morons With Fireballs From His Eyes And Bolts Of Lightning From His Arse

Image source: reddit.com

SheamusFanFrom1987: Soon to be DeadHeart rather than BraveHeart?

#39 $10 To Clean The Bathroom?!

Image source: reddit.com

#40 Yellow Tape Around Her Body It’s A Homicide

Image source: reddit.com

Jerome Lenovo: failure of obamacare ? where ? when ? you mean the fakenews from kolonel Von Shitzpantz before killing it

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