10 Famous Comic Characters Side-By-Side With Their Creators

Published 7 years ago

You’ve probably seen their comics a million times, but have you ever seen the actual artists who are behind them? Here’s your chance!

Below you’ll see the side-by-side shots of the iconic comic characters and their creators, most of whom actually created those iconic characters in their own image. I was wondering if knowing the face behind the comics would take something away from them, but now I somehow feel that I just got to know those characters a little better.

To check out more of their comics just press on their names below.

(h/t: bauchnabelfussel, boredpanda)

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#1 Sarah’s Scribbles

Image source: Sarah Andersen

#2 C-Cassandra

Image source: Cassandra Calin

#3 Fowl Language Comics

Image source: Brian Gordonfowllanguagecomics

#4 Lingvistov

Image source: LingvistovLingvistov

#5 Catana Comics

Image source: Catana Comicscatanamal

#6 Lunarbaboon

Image source: LunarbaboonChris Grady

#7 Cyanide & Happiness

Image source: Cyanide & Happiness

#8 Cat Versus Human

Image source: Cat Versus HumanCat Versus Human

#9 Philippa Rice

Image source: Philippa RiceMartin Pope

#10 Enzo Comics

Image source: Enzo ComicsCheer Up, Emo Kid Comics


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