3-Year-Old Shows Up For Her School Photo In An Epic Costume, Internet Loves It

Published 8 years ago

You can’t deny it any longer, we’re living in the age of superheroes. And if you need an illustration of that, look no further than a 3-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach. When told that she can wear anything for her school picture day, she didn’t hesitate to put on her trusty Superman outfit!

As you’ve probably already guessed it, this little trooper from Rocklin, California is quite big on super heroes. She also owns several other costumes including Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Thor and Wonder Woman, but Superman is her #1.

Her father Austin Steinbach, shared the picture on Reddit and now it’s making waves all across the internet. Almost as if the actual Superman showed up…

(h/t: huffpost, boredpanda)

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When 3-year-old Kaylieann was told she could choose her own costume for school picture day, she had only one outfit in mind: Superman!


She owns several costumes including Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Thor and Wonder Woman, but Superman is her favorite


But our new favorite superhero is Kaylieann!



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