30 Times Food Was Served In Everything But Plates And Bowls (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Some restaurants go way too far to impress their customers that they end up messing everything up. Yes, things get really messy (literally) if the food is served without proper platters! We appreciate innovative ideas but there is a fine line between creativity and absurdity, and some dining outlets have gone far beyond that line.

A project called “We Want Plates” founded by Robert McGinnes, is set to expose all the miserable ideas of food servings that restaurants come up with. The project’s description says “It’s the global crusade against serving food on bits of wood and roof slates, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars.” From their collection of weird food servings, we have brought you 30 pictures that will make you wonder “What’s wrong with these platters!”

More funny photos of bizarre food servings from “We Want Plates” can be found in our previous posts here, here, and here.

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#1 Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition

Image source: theirskills

#2 This Rose Flavored Chocolate Dessert That You Have To Lick Off Your Hands! (Miami)

Image source: TheFlavorFox

#3 Multi-Flavor Pizza Served In A Tire

Image source: fndo84

#4 Barbie Meat At A Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant

Image source: luketherock

#5 Breakfast In A Egg Carton

Image source: Vastylez

#6 So I Went To Alinea This Weekend

Image source: dabuttmonkee

#7 Dinner With A Side Of Tetanus?

Image source: rawgabbitschnitzel

#8 The Croquette In The Iron Mask

Image source: izzygomes

#9 How To Drink It?

Image source: lmews

#10 Pasta, Sauce, Bread. In A Wire Cone

Image source: AI_YA

#11 Tiramisu In Scotland. Why Sugar The Lid?

Image source: NoBid9404

#12 Corn Chips Came In A Rusty Bucket

Image source: mezzoforte24

#13 A Glass Of Pasta! Upside Down!

Image source: VinWing13

#14 Starter In A Book

Image source: deadsocial

#15 Served In A Folded License “Plate”

Image source: motherofdargans

#16 Twigs And Moss

Image source: jaavaaguru

#17 On A Cleaver…

Image source: kolli299

#18 A Bottle Of Fish

Image source: oli1904

#19 Crepes Served As Babushka Barbie

Image source: auxdear

#20 Lunch Served On A Heavy Stone? I Felt Bad For My Server Who Had To Carry It

Image source: Xboxben

#21 Kids Food On Dvd-Case (Photo From Restaurants Own Page)

Image source: Minion2

#22 My Boyfriends Ice-Cream Came In A Little Metal Tub, But Mine Came In A Little Plastic Wheelbarrow

Image source: lazycarrotcake

#23 Spaghetti-No

Image source: sarahdara

#24 Pasta Flight, Ended Up Everywhere

Image source: moglyman

#25 Steak Pie In A Jar…

Image source: jml1877

#26 Soup In A Burnt Cabbage

Image source: Thunder_Tree

#27 I Just Ate A Spoonful Of Dessert

Image source: kooshetty

#28 “Flying“ Noodles. They Were Cold Within A Minute

Image source: PaulusLangus

#29 Serving Fish On Fish Bones?

Image source: mmajamm

#30 A Chocolate Mousse And Pop-Corn On A Wooden Board

Image source: Call_Me_Bitsch

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